Get rid of the security threat for good. Living under a constant threat of theft or vandalism is worrisome. If you are convinced to get rid of it then you are in the right place! Deterring intruders can be tricky but not expensive. If you go through ironclad fence alarm system prices you will notice that too. However, some key elements are important for a security plan. Such as reliable sensors, quality CCTVs, alarms, and adequate lighting. Latter is the most important of all.

Precise solutions


CAST Perimeter Lighting is known as the innovator in the industry. We are proud of playing a key part in the evolution of the industry. In contrast with traditional lighting, CAST Perimeter Lighting fixtures are cost-effective, durable, and reliable. Moreover, we take into account the factors that hinder the functionality of the perimeter security system.

CAST perimeter infrared wall pack light.

Today we will discuss CAST perimeter infrared wall pack light. This is mounted on walls or fences where existing infrared is not substantial. With a quick and easy installation process, this product requires minimal time and labor. Developed with extra care, CAST perimeter infrared wall pack light is safe to use as it operates on low voltage.

Why choose CAST perimeter infrared wall pack light?

Furthermore, it is surge and spike protected up to 40 volts. Which means if components experience any voltages spike, it will be protected by sure layer. This provides relief to some extent. Another significant feature is the ability to withstand extreme atmospheric temperatures. The range starts from +55 to -40 degrees Celsius.



All of our products are designed for specific environments. They are mostly deployable on any site but the preferred sites for CAST perimeter infrared wall pack light include Commercial, Municipal, and Residential Properties to illuminate building perimeters or pathways. Also, Walls and alleyways of highly secure areas and buildings.



To conclude, CAST perimeter infrared wall pack light provides adequate infrared to cameras to capture enhanced images. Most importantly intruders will not even know that they are being watched as infrared is invisible to the human eye. Do not waste time and grab your lighting now because remember, if it’s not lit, it’s not secure! If you are interested in reading about the evolution of the industry, then you can download our eBook. There you can find all the very reasons why CAST Perimeter Lighting insists on quality lighting.