CAST's LED lights can enhance your office security twofold. LED themselves can last up to 10 years. The innovative low-voltage technology can end up in more cost savings than similar solar security lights. As a result, CAST's lights are a hassle-free solution for all your security problems. 

The Edge CAST Perimeter Lights Have Over Solar Security Lights  
Following are the key features that make CAST's LED perimeter lights superior to solar-powered lights.

Clear Visibility

Our high-quality LEDs are bright and provide clear visibility in the dark, even from a distance. A few of these security LEDs can light up your entire perimeter. Our 3rd generation CPL3 perimeter lights can cast a bright light in a 120-feet diameter. Consequently, you will have a clear view of what is happening around your property.

Motion Detection

A state-of-the-art motion detection system ensures your lights turn on at the slightest hint of movement. This can result in many energy savings as you don't need to keep the lights on throughout the night. You can set the sensitivity of the sensor to control the activation distance for your lights.

Effective Crime Deterrent

Robbers will avoid any property lit up by a bunch of perimeter lights. CAST's perimeter lights will discourage potential criminals from entering your property at all.

Easy Installation

You do not need to splice wires and create circuits to install our perimeter lights. Everything is mounted easily. As a result, one technician can easily install these clip-on lights on any fence. You can make manual adjustments if needed to adjust the light position if necessary. Custom brackets are also available in other fence post types such as l-beam, square, etc.

Benefits of CAST Perimeter Lights
No Maintenance
Once you set up CAST's LED perimeter lights, you don't need to worry about their maintenance for years to come. The LEDs last for a long time. (up to 10 years)

24/7 Availability 

Our perimeter lights stay operational throughout the day. Solar-powered lights do not charge at night. In case the batteries are not charged, those lights would compromise your property's security. They can last throughout the night, giving you peace of mind. 

Substantial Cost Savings

Our innovative low-voltage lights system can end up saving you a lot in the long run. Let's put that into perspective. Ten 400-watt security lights running up to 8 hours a day will cost you 4000 watts of electrical energy every day. Our innovative CPL2 lights use little voltage and cost less than the traditional solar-powered lights available on the market.  


CAST's perimeter lights are a reliable solution for all your security needs. They are cost-effective perimeter lights designed to last long. Our perimeter lights can withstand harsh elements throughout the year. On top of that, our LED lights are very easy to install. Get your very own CAST perimeter lights now! And remember, if it is not lit, it is not secure!