Do you want to make your property truly secure? Look no further because CAST Perimeter has all the perimeter lighting solutions for you. Get the most advanced perimeter lighting solutions ever from us. Our tried and tested products will ensure the protection of your perimeter. You can also integrate CAST Perimeter with PROTECH USA products such as BIRIS II, Portalis, G-Wall etc. This way, you can use property perimeter alarms with lights to secure the premises.

What is a property perimeter alarm

Property perimeter security systems include devices that alert you of intruders’ presence. Security devices for urban properties often include alarms, fences, and CCTV cameras. There are other security solutions available as well, such as infrared fences, fiber-optic cables, radars etc. However, these solutions get expensive very quickly.

An average consumer will likely choose the simple alarms, lights, and fences setup. Many people don’t realize this, but lighting plays a very important role in keeping your perimeter secure. A well-lit property is less likely to get trespassed into. Therefore, you should never compromise on perimeter lighting.

CAST Perimeter Products

CAST Perimeter is an innovator in the perimeter lighting industry. We have five products designed for perimeter security.

  • CPL3 GEN 3 – Most advanced, multiple lighting levels, 120-feet light projection.
  • CPL3IR Night Owl – Toggleable infrared and visible white light modes.
  • CPL2 – Low-cost 40-feet diameter lighting.
  • Wall Pack Light – Easily installable in narrow areas.
  • Infrared Wall Pack Light – Assists IR cameras at night with infrared emitters.

Unique Features of CAST Products

Following are a few aspects of CAST Perimeter products that make them stand out.

Advanced Low-Voltage technology

We design products using the low-cost, low-voltage philosophy. CAST Perimeter products are very affordable when compared to the performance they deliver. For example, our budget CPL2 system costs below $200 and performs better than its counterparts on the market. Furthermore, our products are very efficient. Not only do you save on initial cost, but the running cost is low as well!


We use the process of sand-casting to create coverings for our products. This results in sturdy and durable housings. Moreover, this also lowers the cost of production. As a result, you get our products at very affordable prices. As CAST Perimeter is an outdoor perimeter security company, we prioritize durability and reliability. Consequently, our products brave through harsh weather conditions.

Flexible Setups

A perimeter lighting solution that works for someone else may not necessarily work for your property. We understand this and have a plethora of extensions and accessories available. Furthermore, our lights are very easy to install. You can use the mounting brackets provided with our lights for easy installation on different sizes of fenceposts.


Get the best perimeter lighting solutions from CAST Perimeter today. Visit our website and download the eBook to learn more about us. And remember, if it is not lit, it is not secure!