It is important to maintain competent perimeter security at your outer premises if you hope to keep your properties safe. Surely, one of the best ways to secure your properties is to first maintain robust perimeter security at the outsides of the building. Many different options are available in the market to ensure perimeter security. For instance, chain-link fences, fence alarms and surveillance cameras are for basic security while there are other methods like buried cable intrusion detection systems, infrared sensors, as well as electronic laser fence security alert systems, provide more advanced forms of perimeter protection. 

Electronic laser fence security alert systems for competent perimeter protection:

You can use the electronic laser security systems alone or in combination with other security systems as well. However, regardless of how you use the system, the basic functioning remains the same. In every laser security system, there is a laser emitting device and a laser detection device. The emitting device is in charge of constantly letting out laser beams, which are detected by the receiving device. As soon as an intruder interrupts the laser beams, the detecting device notices and rings the alarms. The alarms help to notify the concerned authorities so that they can stop and catch the intruder.

How do lights help with perimeter intrusion detection?

Lights act as a primary method to deter intruders. It is a common fact that intruders like to be seen. So, they steer clear of well-lit areas and plan their ill-activities only in areas that provide them with good hiding spots. Eliminate those hiding spots away with the best perimeter lighting products.

CAST Perimeter Lighting:

CAST Perimeter is the leading name in the world of perimeter lights and associated accessories. We offer low-voltage, low-cost perimeter lighting solutions to keep your perimeters safe. Integrate our lights with your best security systems to achieve adequate protection all around.

To enumerate, we have over five lighting products that fit all your perimeter lighting needs and requirements. They are:

  • CPL2 Series
  • CPL3 Series
  • Wall Pack Lights
  • CAST Perimeter Infrared Lights
  • CPl3IR Night Owl Gen 3 Series 

Salient features:

Following are some of the most prominent features of CAST Lights which allow us to stand at the top of the lighting industry.

Easy installation:

CAST Perimeter Lighting products offer easy installation options. For example, the Wall Pack Lights can be installed in the walls and alleyways of high-security areas and buildings for advanced protection.

Easy third-party integration:

CAST Perimeter lighting products offer easy integration with third parties. Moreover, you can also integrate these lights with intelligent security systems to automatically turn on or off at even the slightest intruder detection.

Low-voltage, low-cost:

CAST Perimeter lighting products offers low-voltage, low-cost solutions to light up your perimeters for advanced protection. To sum up, CAST Perimeter has the best lighting solutions for advanced protection at the borders. Light up your perimeters for robust protection, and remember, if it is not lit, it is not secure.