If you own a property, run a business, or are in a managerial position at any company, you must understand the significance that perimeter security holds. Safe perimeters are the basic key in maintaining a safe and secure environment all around the property. After all, you cannot hope to maintain robust security all around if your perimeters are not secure.

Many different types of security systems are available in the market to help you have a safer environment. For instance, perimeter alarms, electrified fences, buried cable intrusion detection systems, motion detectors, laser perimeters sensors, etc., are all used to enhance security at the borders. Additionally, there is something you can do to instantly lift the situation of security at your borders, and that is; using perimeter lights.
We will discuss laser perimeter sensors here and see how they can help improve the situation of security at your property.

Laser Perimeters Sensors for Robust Security:

The laser perimeter sensors for intrusion detection provide cost-effective, reliable, and competent security services. They do this by detecting the changes in the flow of laser beams. Usually, they have a laser emitting part and a detecting device. The laser beams go out of the device and spread out in every direction. They return to the detecting device after reflecting from everywhere. If the laser beams are discontinued, interrupted, or broken at some point by the presence of an intruder, the detecting device can immediately sense and report it back to the concerned authorities.

Are laser sensors enough for security?

Surely, laser perimeters sensors provide adequate security at the borders. You can use them for high-security areas where you require advanced protection. Indeed, you can rely on them for maintaining safe and secure borders. However, there is one thing that can help you further enhance security at the borders and that is perimeter lighting!

Perimeter Lights for Security:

Lighting up your perimeters is one of the greatest tools for enhancing security at the borders. It not only helps to increase the visibility but also improves the images of CCTV cameras, especially at night. Clearer images would mean more accurate intruder detection and identification. Furthermore, perimeter lights also help to ward off the intruders from a distance, as the fear of being seen and caught will drive them away from your property.

CAST Lights – the Best Choice for Perimeter Security:

CAST Perimeter is a leading name in the world of perimeter lighting products and accessories. To enumerate, we have over six lighting products that can help you secure your properties.
Our lighting products are:
* CPL2 Series
* CPL3 Series
* High-Power Perimeter Lights
* Wall Pack Lights
* IR Infrared Wall Pack Lights
* CPL3IR Infrared Lights

All of these products offer low-voltage, low-cost perimeter lighting options for your perimeters. Our engineers and designers work on the latest principles of LED technology and lighting optics to deliver the best lighting products. Moreover, easy installation and easy integration with third parties help you to use these lights with your pre-existing security systems for advanced perimeter security.

To conclude

Contact us today to light up your perimeters and remember, if it is not lit, it is not secure.