Perimeter security systems were first introduced in 1986 by security experts. Experts used their extensive knowledge and field experience to come up with this solution. At first there were only burglar alarms which were useful at the time but soon intruders found a way around them. During nightfall intruders can sneak around without being detected. This problem was solved by infrared (IR) perimeter security system because IR enhances camera vision and humans can not detect IR. As a result, intruders will not even know it’s there!

So, if under any case someone tries to penetrate through your fence the perimeter intrusion detection will give you time to act in effective manner and stop before any damage can be done.

Benefits of infrared perimeter security system

Deploying infrared perimeter security system lighting across the perimeter can enable cameras for enhanced image capture at night while, at the same time, not drawing attention to the site or annoying residents in close proximity with light trespass in an urban setting.

Problem with conventional infrared

Existing infrared perimeter security system have a flaw that cannot be left unattended. Traditionally, infrared source is connected with a fence pole or the camera. This method is limited and expensive to be implemented. Therefore, CAST Perimeter Night Owl Tunable IR solution allows the operator to set the exact site-specific IR lighting requirement for the camera systems and fixtures placed along the fence line to deliver a uniform IR light level across a wide area. Deploying IR below the CCTVs can avoid a direct glare into the camera lens.

CAST Perimeter PoE Lighting

For our clients we have launched CAST Perimeter PoE interface. This is a device that can integrate up to 200 feet of fence lighting together. 30 VDC low voltage wire is used for safer use. Finally, this device is connected to EtherWAN switch that has multiple properties and benefits of its own. Six IoT devices can be powered by ethernet cable through this device simultaneously giving control of the hardware.

Following are the benefits of installing CAST PoE lighting

  • EtherWAN – EX78934-OVB Hardened Switch (12 Ports)
  • Only Vendor with Custom Software Developed for Lighting
  • 60 Watts per port – 2 ports for Perimeter Lighting
  • 6 Additional ports for other Internet of things (IOT)
  • 4 Ports for Fiber

CAST Lighting

  • Up to 200’ of POE lighting (100’ per port)
  • Wall Pack (15’), CPL2 (40’), CPL38 (100’)
  • Perimeter Lighting Experts
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