Do you want to make your perimeter more secure? If yes, you are at the right place. CAST Lighting provides innovative lighting products for perimeter access control. Keep reading to learn more about our products and the reasons why CAST Perimeter is the most innovative perimeter lighting manufacturer.

CAST Perimeter Access Control Products

Following are the five lighting products you can get from CAST Perimeter.

CPL3 Generation 3

This is the most advanced lighting system developed by us. Our patented technologies used in CPL3 ensure that our products always have the edge over our competitors. If you want the best-in-class perimeter security lights available, third-generation CPL3 is the way to go. You can combine CAST Perimeter lighting products with third-party sensors such as those by PROTECH USA to create a formidable barrier around your property.

CPL3IR Night Owl

Do you want all the good features of CPL3 but with added infrared capabilities? We designed CPL3IR Night Owl just for that purpose! On top of that, this product can switch between infrared and white light modes too!


It’s hard to deny the value CPL2 provides. Being under $200, CPL2 illuminates everything that is 40-feet around it. It lights up both the insides and outsides of your perimeter. CPL2 uses our safe 24-volt design, staying true to our motto: low cost, low voltage products.

Wall Pack Light

The Wall Pack Light is our solution for providing lights in narrow areas and pathways. Our Wall Pack Lights are quick and easy to install. You can even install them without using junction boxes if you so prefer. Wall Pack Lights are very durable and are long-lasting.

Wall Pack Light Infrared

A lot of infrared rays are needed for IR cameras to see in darkness. CAST Perimeter Infrared Wall Pack Lights provides infrared light to assist your cameras at night. Upgrade your existing security cameras with infrared today.

What makes CAST Perimeter better?

Let’s look at a few reasons why CAST Lighting is the best in the industry.

Innovative low-voltage technology

We use our patented low-voltage technology for CAST Perimeter products. All our products use a safe 24-volt system. As a result, sudden power surges are less likely to damage your perimeter lights.


We use sand-casting to make coverings for our lights. This makes our lights durable in all weather conditions. Also, sturdy housings prevent intruders from damaging your lights.

Easy to install

CAST products are very easy to install onto fences and walls. The brackets provided with our products fit a range of fenceposts. In addition to that, we have several accessories to make installation even easier.


Keep intruders out with award-winning CAST Perimeter security products. Despite being very affordable, we do not compromise on prices. Just remember, if it is not lit, it is not secure.