Have you ever wondered what makes a complete perimeter security system? Often it is dealt with misconception. Many security architects flash lights all over the property. This is not adequate and consumes a lot of financial assets. Some factors need to be addressed before instigating a security perimeter system.

CAST Perimeter Lighting has always stepped forward to help the industry to evolve. We have won various awards and accolades on many occasions. Our clients and partners trust us for a reason. We always deliver an easy solution to complex problems.

Power over Ethernet

CPL 2 light can be attached with the CAST PoE interface device, it is a compact device that joins CPL2 light in a single loop of up to 200 feet of fence. This gives you control of your illuminated fence with one switch. Further CAST PoE switch is attached to the EtherWAN switch with Cat 5/6 data wire along with fence alarm wire. Two CAST PoE interface devices can be connected to one EtherWAN device. Moreover, it also allows for adding IoT devices to the loop. Cameras, access control, intrusion detection systems, are also bonded with fence alarm wire! How great is that? In other words, six IoT devices and lighting is controllable with one switch. Please refer back to our website for further information on this product.

CAST Perimeter CPL2 Light

CPL2 is the second generation of light fixtures. It delivers low-voltage lighting and covers approximately 40 feet area. CPL2 provides illumination on either side of the fence. It is one of our finest products because of its ability to deter intruders just by intimidating them. Glare-free illumination will automatically increase the quality of camera imagery. furthermore, it will also improve the vision of guards patrolling the fence. As a result, it will allow guards to detect any activity quickly.

CPL properties

CPL2 is easy to install requiring only one technician. Easily attaches to most standard fence posts unlike alarms connected with fence alarm wire. And if you have longer lengths of the fence then custom sized brackets are also available. Since CPL2 is surge and spike protected so you need not worry about any voltage spikes. CAST Perimeter CPL2 lights are fully capable of withstanding any short circuits.

It has a rigid structure allowing it to stay unharmed in severe weather conditions. The temperature range that CPL2 can handle is ranging from -40 to +55 degrees Celsius. Quality LED can keep your property safe without any hassle. Effective lighting can deter intruders from getting anywhere near your property.


It is effective in all perimeter fence situations but mostly used in medium to low-risk sites. Following are the applications most suited for CPL2 lighting fixtures.

  • Electrical substations
  • Temporary fencing for construction sites
  • Airports
  • Commercial storage sites Parking lots College campuses Industrial sites Public parks Pathways.
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