Without sunlight, mankind will be unable to survive. That’s how important light is for us. So is the case with an optimal fence protection system. Let’s first understand what it is in reality. Living in today’s world where cyber and physical threats have both increased at a rapid speed. Companies pay millions in order to keep their data and infrastructure safe. Still, they face the threat of theft. For example, Twitter, a widely renowned social media platform was hacked this year. Imagine that?

Computers are protected with various firewalls to prevent unauthorized access. Similarly, the fence protection system acts as a firewall for your property. In other words, it acts as the first line of defense for your fence protection system.

What is the solution?

But how to ensure that your perimeter security has everything? It’s easy, isn’t it? Seek expert advice from a trusted brand in the industry. CAST Perimeter Lighting is known as the innovator in the industry. We focus on providing the latest generation LEDs for the best security system.

CAST Perimeter offers various LED products based on customers’ needs. For instance, the CPL3 lighting fixture provides glare-free illumination focus on the goal, scaring off intruders. It turns on when an intruder approaches with the help of sensors and transformers.

Existing flaws with infrared solutions

Existing infrared lighting solutions are typically installed directly to the camera or attached to a fixed pole. This traps the light and might blind the camera because of direct glare. Furthermore, it is not evenly distributed across the perimeter system to produce the desired results.

Lates generation infrared lighting

CAST Perimeter CPL3IR Infrared Night Owl Light is an innovative lighting solution. With an option to switch between white light and infrared light when someone approaches the fence. it prevents the camera from getting blindsided and eliminated direct glare.


Below mentioned sites can get the best out of CAST Perimeter infrared wall pack light.

  • Commercial
  • Municipal
  • Residential Properties to illuminate building perimeters
  • pathways
  • Walls and alleyways of highly secure areas/buildings

CAST perimeter infrared wall pack light

CAST Perimeter Lighting provides the solution to this with our latest infrared wall pack light. It delivers uniform infrared for better vision for cameras. Hence it increases the effectiveness of the fence protection system. Moreover, the box mounted below the cameras can help avoid direct glare into the camera lens.

Similar to infrared wall pack light, CAST Perimeter Wall Pack Light is also a compact lighting solution. Very similar in design and structure. Wall pack light has a 60,500-hour life. Counting how many days? Moreover, it emits evenly distributed light to cover every inch of the property.


Do not live under uncertainty and never leave anything to chance. Therefore, contact CAST Perimeter Lighting to get the best lighting solutions available. And remember, if it’s not lit, it’s not secure!