Fences are important for all businesses. Not only for businesses but also for private properties. Not very long ago security sensors and alarms were installed inside the buildings. They produce a loud alarm when someone tries to enter. Soon we realized the problem with such security systems. Although they alert the security, they alert “After” intruders get in.

As a result, experts felt the need to set up a perimeter outside the property. So they proposed a boundary with electrical components for instance fence, security sensors, alarms, lighting, cameras, and a perimeter intrusion detection system.

The Solution

Eventually, property owners begin to install outdoor perimeter security systems. A fence needs to have eyes and ears. Cameras, fences, security sensors, and alarms do exactly the same. Are we missing something? Eyes need light to function during night time. Hence lighting is an important component of the whole network.

Be sure the light we are talking about here is not normal light. It has many factors involved. As for security lighting, it needs to have certain properties and meet some requirements.

Complexities in fences, security sensors, & Lighting

CAST Perimeter Lighting has the experience and knowledge to create a spectacular and security-focused lighting spectrum. Up until now, the lighting was expensive. Moreover, it had many flaws and did not tackle the complexities in creating an effective perimeter security system. However, CAST Perimeter changed that forever. With exceptional LEDs that provide glare-free illumination. Such as the CPL3 Generation 3 series which is deployable with your choice of a security system. Along with fences, security sensors, and the latest lightin

CAST high-power perimeter® light (2X, 3X, 4X)

Most of us love to find what we need at a low-cost. CAST Perimeter Lighting provides low-cost, low-voltage, and durable lighting solutions. We are giving more than just cost-effective products. CAST high-power perimeter® light (2X, 3X, 4X) is low-cost and at the same time long-lasting and rugged LED. Used for multiple sites with surge and spike protection for durability.

EtherWAN Switch: Associate partners

To bring more innovation and diversity, CAST Perimeter Lighting keep working on developing user-friendly solutions. Our partnerships with several security providers have also benefitted our customers. For example, EtherWAN Switch is specially designed to give users control with one switch. Powering CPL2 or CPL38 lights along with IoT’s over ethernet cable. How convenient is that?

Deliverance and quality

CAST Perimeter does not compromise on quality and deliverance. Therefore, we test our products after development. Moreover, we have a warranty policy in place in case of any malfunction. Refer to the product sheet for technical data.