Lidar means light detection and ranging. It is an emerging technology that uses pulses of light to measure different ranges. This remote sensing method is useful in collecting three-dimensional information about an object. Do you want to make your perimeter security even better? You can use lidar perimeter security devices along with your perimeter lighting to create a tough barrier. 

How does Lidar perimeter security work?

Lidar can monitor your perimeter fences in real-time, notifying you of any movement. These systems have a long-range and can provide readings accurate to a centimeter. Lidar devices emit pulses of light, and the sensor picks up these pulses. You can use the time taken for the light to travel back to the sensor to measure distance. This allows lidar systems to generate a three-dimensional model of your property.

What makes Lidar better than surveillance cameras?

Regular cameras capture ambient light and process it to track objects. However, Lidar systems emit their light. Based on the speed of light, the system carries out complex calculations instantly. Regular cameras often falter or switch to low-quality modes at night, whereas Lidar is not affected by light intensity.

Using Lidar with Perimeter Lighting

Our lineup of lighting products at CAST is perfectly suited to work alongside third-party systems such as Lidars. If you wish to increase your property’s security significantly, combine perimeter lighting with sensors and radars. Let’s take a look at a few of our products.

CPL3 Generation 3

CPL3 is our most advanced lighting system yet. It has won several awards for its superior performance over anything on the market. CPL3 uses our patented low-voltage technology to reduce energy usage without compromising on its reliability. If that has not convinced you about CPL3 being the best perimeter light available, this product has many other features to look at. For example, CPL3 comes in different wattages. You are free to choose between 8, 12, 16 and 25-watts. The only difference between these four is the amount of light cast at max distance.

On top of that, many accessories and extensions allow you to customize every setup to your liking. CPL3 is also available in an IR variant as CPL3 Night Owl. This variant can switch between infrared and visible light.


If you want your security cameras to work better during the night, CPL2 might be the product for you! We designed CPL2 to emit light in a 40-feet diameter. This helps cameras stay in color mode. Many cameras switch to low-quality night mode when there is little light. CPL2 rectifies this by providing sufficient light along your perimeter fences.

Wall Pack Light

If you want a portable and easy-to-install light, our Wall Pack Light is for you! This lighting system is very easy to install. You can cover narrow pathways around buildings with Wall Pack Lights. It is also available in an infrared variant that can provide enough IR for your IR cameras to function properly

If you are looking for perimeter lights, look no further. CAST Lighting has you covered with perimeter lighting solutions for every situation. And remember, if it is not lit, it is not secure!