Had enough of improper lighting?

Had enough of improper lighting? If so, then do not hesitate in replacing them. Lighting the perimeter is very important. What’s more important is eliminating any factors that can alter the outcome in a bad way. Learn more about these factors with CAST perimeter Lighting.

Examine what is affecting what

This decision to deploy the best lighting is plain and simple. Remove any possibilities that impact the security network. Nowadays, internet has evolved to a very advanced level. Learning something was never this easy. Therefore, everyone has the option to look up for their issues and get at least very slight knowledge of what they are about to do.

CAST Perimeter Lighting LEDs just cost a fraction of cost when compared to traditional lights. Not to forget, low voltage and much effective. CAST premiere lights will stretch your fence security and give you a bright and clear view of what lies beyond your security fence. Fence alarms, cameras, sensors, and lighting give you complete security network.

What disturbs a complete security network?

Removing glare is vital. It challenges the clarity camera images and security personnel vision. Direct glare effects human eye retina. As a result, it blindsides camera and guards.

Reflection is another challenge that effects security network. For fence alarms and lighting to work at maximum level, it has to be dealt with. Mount your lighting fixtures at a suitable height. Moreover, make sure no metal surface is directing in front of lighting fixtures.

CAST Perimeter products take care of reflection and glare. 

CAST high-power perimeter light (2X, 3X, 4X)

It has three different models. Each designated for a different set of fence lengths. Covers approximately 40 feet of diameter area. It is attached with fence posts up to 4” in diameter. Moreover, it is protected with thermal layer to withstand extreme temperatures. Furthermore, it functions on low voltage thus it is safe to use and saves money on electrical cost.


It has won awards for its uniqueness and performance winning the trust of our clients. Four different variants are at your disposal each having specific properties. It is specially designed to reduce glare as well as create evenly distributed illumination. Furthermore, CAST Perimeter CPL3 LED support 3rd party equipment.


CAST Perimeter Lighting has developed its products to work seamlessly with fence alarms. We do not compromise on providing guaranteed security. Even though our products are resilient and reliable, but still if any of the component malfunctions, we have a warranty policy. Please refer back to our website and product page for the product sheet and warranty policy.

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