Farms are one of the biggest business generators in the market. There are all kinds of farms; animal farms with live cattle, fish farms also with livestock, and farms for growing crops and fruit trees. However, one thing is common in all types of farms and that is huge investments! Surely, you don’t want any intruder sniffing around your farms, which is why it is of crucial importance to invest in good farm perimeter security systems.

How can you establish good farm perimeter security?

There are multiple ways to ensure adequate security at the farm perimeters. We are mentioning some of the ways below:

  • Chain-link fences
  • Access point alarms and sensors
  • Perimeter alarms
  • Image and video surveillance
  • Perimeter Lights

With the advancements in video surveillance technology, there is no need to be physically present there to guard the perimeters of your farms. You can rather just connect the video surveillance cameras to your smartphone devices and monitor the perimeters right from the comfort of your home.

In the recent pandemic and social distancing times, it has been difficult for the farm owners and management to go daily to remote areas to keep a check on everything themselves. However, the facility of surveillance cameras with a live feed on smartphone devices has made it incredibly easier to monitor your farms and other properties.

Perimeter lights and farm security go hand in hand:

It is needless to say that perimeter lights can boost your farm perimeter security from level one to ten! Surely, only a well-lit perimeter is a safe perimeter and CAST Perimeter Lights works on the same belief!

CAST Perimeter Lighting products:

We are a trusted manufacturer of perimeter lighting products. We have over six lighting products to suit the needs of all kinds of perimeters. Below is a brief review of each one of them. Please, have a look and decide which one works the best for ensuring perimeter security at your farms.

  • CPL2 Series
  • CPL3 Series
  • Night Owl Generation 3 Series
  • IR Infrared Wall Pack Lights
  • High-Power Perimeter Lights
  • Wall Pack Lights

Firstly, CPL2 provides the most basic, ideal lighting solution for perimeter security. These are the perfect tool to deter away intruders with ill-intentions towards your property.

CPL3 is the most widely used lighting product offered by CAST Perimeter. It gives low-cost, low-voltage lighting solutions and is perfect for use at farm perimeters.

CAST High-Power Perimeter Lights give increased lumen output as compared to CPL1 with roughly the same diameter coverage. Full cut-off, glare-free illumination makes all our products dark-sky compliant.

The Night Owl Series, Wall Pack Lights, and IR Infrared Wall Pack Lights are specially tailored to enhance the night-time security at the perimeters. Infrared rays make them perfect for use with CCTV cameras to gain clearer footage and to assist active video surveillance for enhanced perimeter security at the farms.

To conclude, CAST Perimeter Lighting products are tailored to fit all your perimeter lighting requirements for adequate farm perimeter security. Integrate these lights with additional security tools like perimeter and fence alarms, CCTV cameras, and motion sensors for added security at the borders. Remember, if it is not lit, it is not secure.