You may have heard about using fiber optic cables for sending and receiving data from the internet. However, fiber optic perimeter security systems also exist. As a result, you can use fiber optic cables to detect intruders on your property. Read on to find out how fiber optic cables detect intruders.

How does fiber optic perimeter security work?

The basic concept of using fiber optic cables for detecting intruders is simple. A laser sends light through the cables in a specific pattern called speckle pattern. Pressure on the cables causes them to bend, resulting in a change in the pattern. Devices on the receiving end analyze such distortions and send signals to security devices. These devices include alarms, taut wire fences, lights etc.

Importance of combining multiple security systems

Threats to conventional security systems are constantly evolving. Therefore, it is smart to combine different security systems to create one effective security system. For instance, you can use G-Fences from PROTECH USA to trigger CAST Perimeter lights. Moreover, CAST Perimeter lights have FlashGlare technology, which allows them to deter intruders actively.

CAST Perimeter Products

We have the following five products designed to safeguard your perimeter:

  • CPL3 Generation 3
  • CPL3IR Night Owl
  • CPL2
  • Wall Pack Light
  • Infrared Wall Pack Light

We designed CAST Perimeter products to be easily installable. Therefore, the brackets included with our products allow you to attach the lights to different fenceposts. Furthermore, we use high-quality components and CREE LEDs to ensure the durability and endurance of our products. CAST Perimeter lights deliver superior performance over their competitors. This is because we use patented technologies to deliver quality perimeter lights to you! Simply put, our lights are a low-cost and low-voltage solution for all your perimeter lighting needs.

What makes CPL3 unique?

CPL3 is one of the most advanced lighting systems ever. It includes all the qualities mentioned above and much more. With CPL3, you get the aforementioned FlashGlare technology. FlashGlare causes your CAST Perimeter lights to turn on and off every ten seconds. Consequently, this causes intruders to go blind temporarily.

Moreover, CPL3 is extensively customizable, from LED wattage to spaces between light fixtures. Also, CPL3 also has an infrared variant called CPL3IR Night Owl. This variant includes infrared technology, which helps IR surveillance cameras operate better at night.

Want a cheaper perimeter light? Pick CPL2

CPL2 is a complete perimeter lighting solution priced below $200. CPL2 is as durable, reliable, and efficient as CPL3. We use our safe 24-volt technology in all products, so all CAST Perimeter lights are protected against power surges, resulting in low maintenance costs. For such a low price, CPL2 does not compromise on performance at all.


At CAST Perimeter, customer satisfaction is our priority. As a result, CAST Perimeter is a reputable and award-winning perimeter lighting company. So, use CAST Perimeter and PROTECH USA together to create a formidable perimeter security system. And remember, if it is not lit, it is not secure!