Outdoor Security Cameras & Security Lighting

We’re sure you’ve heard this time and time again. Company owners tell you they want outdoor cameras on their fences as a layer of defense. Your reply is always the same: We agree with you, security cameras are absolutely necessary, but in order for them to perform optimally—to perform at all, really, at night—you need perimeter security lighting. They then say, “But I can’t afford it—just get me a better camera.”

We Defer to Our Motto: If It’s Not Lit, It’s Not Secure

You know as well as we do that expensive  cameras exist, but are very hard to sell —and they neither make up for a security guard’s inability to monitor the property because it’s too dark nor act as a real deterrent for criminal or mischievous behavior.

Mythbuster: Low-Voltage Security Lighting is Now Available & Affordable

Now you can confidently tell the owners of these companies that you have a low-cost security lighting solution that will solve their problems: low-voltage security lighting. Purchasing and installing pole-mounted security lights fixtures will cost between $7,000 and $10,000 per pole. That translates to $84,000 to $120,000 when lighting a 1,200 foot perimeter. Now consider other costs involved to get pole lighting installed: engineering, city permits, electricians, wire trenching, concrete foundations, pole installation, not to mention the ongoing cost to power the high power lights. With low-voltage lighting, it’s low cost all around. Your own technicians that can install a data cable can install low-voltage lighting. Picture introducing low-voltage lighting to your clients at 50 to 80 percent less cost for material, labor, and service—all the while making your cameras work at night. You become the consultant in the customer’s eyes and close more business because you offered a better solution at a better bottom line. For example, CAST perimeter security lighting fixtures don’t require a tough, time-consuming install involving an electrician. They are simply tied securely to your fence and turned on. Compared to the 1,200-foot legacy pole-mounted light project considered above, you are showing them a $84,000 job can now be done for $21,000, and your profits are close to $12,000 just for the lighting. You might be able to increase your sale by adding other products you sell including cameras, VMS, cable, access or any other solutions you offer. Being the consultant commands more authority in the sale.

What’s the Cost to Actually Light My Property?

The light bulb used in your home is generally a 100W bulb. If you choose CAST’s CPL1, it’s a low-voltage light that uses just 7 watts—a fraction of the energy consumed by a typical in-home bulb. That equates to running 14 of CAST CPL security light fixtures—or 285 feet of light coverage—for the cost of running one in your bedroom! Now, let’s recycle the example above. If you’re lighting 1,200 feet, that equates to powering just four light bulbs in your house each month!

Low-Voltage Outdoor Lighting Makes Cents

A penny saved is a penny earned, but with low-voltage perimeter security lighting, your clients be saving a lot more than pennies both on their initial installation and the decades to come. And as you can see, you’ll also be earning big with larger profit margins, more competitive bids, and more sales as a result.