Maintaining competent security at the borders is the first step towards creating a safe environment for your family, employees, or workers. It doesn’t matter if we are talking about a residential or commercial property. Surely, they need perimeter security all alike. Although the level of security needed and the methods required would be different, there is no denying the fact that all the properties require effective perimeter fence security systems if you want to ensure the safety of your family as well as property or assets.

Key Factors Associated With Perimeter Fence Security Systems:

Following are some of the factors that you must keep in mind when deciding on a fence security system.
Firstly, your perimeter fence security system should be:
* Cost-effective
* Provides easy integration with third-party systems
* Easily accessible
* Installation options should be easy
* Should provide robust security
* Environment-friendly
* Should not cause harm to animals 
Hence, these are some of the qualities that you should look for when deciding which perimeter fence security system to deploy at your perimeters.
Types of perimeter security systems:
Many different types of security systems are available in the market. You should choose the system that fits the best with your perimeter requirements and the level of security needed.
For instance,
* Perimeter lights
* Surveillance cameras
* Perimeter fence alarms
* Electrified fences
* Motion detectors
* Thermal and laser detectors, etc.
These are some of the most commonly used perimeter intruder detection systems that you can deploy for robust perimeter security.

The Need For Perimeter Lights:

We believe perimeter lighting is one of the most basic and essential steps when talking about adequate perimeter security. Surely, lighting up your premises can enhance the level of protection by manifolds by increasing the visibility. Usually, intruders don’t like to be seen and by lighting up the area, you take that opportunity away from them.
Furthermore, perimeter lights also help to enhance the performance of other security systems. For example, perimeter lights help the CCTV and surveillance cameras to capture better images, especially at night.
Similarly, you can integrate the lights with motion detectors to automatically turn on or off when triggered by an intrusion.

CAST Perimeter Lights – The Best Lights For Perimeter Security:

CAST Perimeter is a leading manufacturer of perimeter lighting products and accessories. We have years of experience in creating low-cost and low-voltage perimeter lights for lighting up your premises. Also, we use the latest advancements and principles in LED technology and lighting optics to deliver the best products to our clients.
To enumerate, we have a total of six lighting products, along with their associated accessories. Our products offer easy installation and easy third-party integration for a seamless lighting experience.

Moreover, Our Products Have The Following Features:

* Safe 24V systems
* IP 66 Rated
* Surge and spike protected
* Ambient temperatures range (-40 to +55 degrees Celsius)


To sum up, CAST Perimeter comes bearing all the answers to your perimeter lighting requirements. Integrate our lights with your perimeter fence security systems for added protection at the borders. Remember if it is not lit, it is not secure.