Setting up a business is already financially draining but after that last thing you want is thieves sniffing around. Buying expensive machinery and facilities comes with the responsibility of making sure that you do not become a victim of getting robbed or any unwanted intrusion. Outdoor perimeter security system will act like your first line of defense prohibiting any unauthorized personal from accessing the property premises. Finally, if you have decided to install outdoor perimeter security system, now the question arises which one suits your needs? The decision is made on narrowing down the factors such as climate, geographical location, size of operation and lighting. Now let’s get down to discuss main.

Types of Outdoor Perimeter Security System 

There are a bunch of techniques to implement the installation but we will be discussing the 4 major types depending on nature of equipment that will be used.
* Ground based, above or below the ground
* Freestanding
* Wall or fence mount
* Rapid deployment

Deciding Which System to Be Used in Certain Environmental Conditions

All the external and internal factors play a decisive role in choosing the best mechanism of deployment for satisfactory results. These include sunlight exposure, wind speed, rainfall, snowfall, fog and average temperatures. Bearing in mind the extreme scenarios that our security equipment can undergo, moreover, ensuring they can withstand them without becoming faulty.    
Apart from environmental conditions there are a few other factors worth taking into account.

Mounting Areas and Soil Medium 

For setting up an underground network of security will depend severely on surface conditions and soil medium. The terrain is to be examined in detail because it will impact our equipment once installed.

Types Of Landforms

Irregular shaped land, mountains, hills, fence and roads all align under this category. Bumpy terrain subsequently means places to hide for unwelcomed guests during night time. Furthermore, these bumps can become obstacles causing signal breakdown or loss which means incomplete information sent back by sensors to the main server. Effective lighting and our fault resistant security cameras will guarantee any of these never occur.

Lighting Type 

Lighting posts and mounts are the backbone for efficient perimeter security. Lighting and security systems should be synced tightly to get the maximum out of your outdoor perimeter security system. If you have eyes everywhere you are unlikely to be surprised by any outsiders. 
CAST lighting provides lighting solutions. We offer low-cost and low-voltage perimeter lighting to keep you always secured. Our products are compatible and east to integrate with all types of fences and boundaries. 

Premises Size To Be Mounted

Larger areas will require more surveillance than smaller areas hence needing substantial number of cameras combining with adequate lighting to cover up the ground. 

Future Expansion Plans 

You have to be prudent in deciding which system to be deployed so if in future you plan to expand it there are no difficulties. Permanent installation especially underground security network can cause a disruption because once a system is installed it can be sometimes costly to reinstall.