There is no argument about how important lighting is. While during day time with all the activities underway are mostly safe but nigh time poses a threat. As most of the disturbances occur at night, that is what you must prepare yourself. So, what do you think makes a rugged fence security system?

How to build an unbreachable fence security system?

There is no big secret in achieving optimal security. Right cameras integrated with sensors and illuminated with CAST Perimeter affordable and durable lighting. Often a misconception among people, lighting costs a fortune. It does! But if done the wrong way with traditional lighting. It is not only expensive but also outdated. On the other hand, CAST Perimeter Lighting offers 50% cheaper products yet way more effective and relevant to a fence security system.


The dry contact closure interface transformer works best with most of the intelligent security solutions. There is no substitute for this as it acts as brains for lighting fixtures. Whenever a perpetrator approaches the fence, the intrusion detection system sends a signal and the transformer turns the lights on or off. Hence, this is what you need to save energy and simultaneously deter intruders!

How CAST Perimeter dry contact closure interface transformer produces outstanding results?

  • Timing Range – 0.1 second to 10 days. Single timing range or multi-range from 100ms to 10 days
  • Operating Supply Voltage – 120V/208V/ and European 220V/240V models available
  • Dielectric Strength – 2.5 kVAC
  • Display Type – LED: Input and Output indicators LED
  • Contact Form and Rating – DPDT (2 Form C), 15A
  • Termination Style & Contact Material – Quick connect terminal; Material: Silver Alloy.  Can accept a simple dry contact (NO) closure virtually any 3rd party system
  • Enclosure – UL 508A / NEMA Type 3R,4,12, and 13
  • 16-Gauge steel grey powder coating
  • 304 stainless steel hinges

4 most common issues with your illumination network

Glare-free illumination

Artificial light produces glare. Stray light can cause this effect possibly interfering with security personnel vision. Moreover, it also alters camera imagery. This is something not desirable. For this reason, CAST Perimeter Lighting has successfully developed glare-free lighting to reduce vulnerability.


Mounting fixtures 25 feet or higher on large pole lights that are typically spaced 100 or more feet apart unquestionably creates shadows with low plant material. Consequently, it provides intruders a place to hide. Lowering the height of the lighting fixture is an effective solution.

Difficulties with illuminating tight mesh anti-climb fencing & walls

Most fence security system provides ample open mesh space allowing in light and an unobstructed view of a property. In short, evenly distributed light gives a symmetrical view of the property.


Have you ever had your view obstructed with reflection? In fact, at times it causes short term blindness. Therefore, not only dangerous but also disrupts the fence security system. The CAST Perimeter Lighting system delivers the right light level, eliminating this potential problem before you even notice!