Lately, the concerns of protection and security are on everyone’s minds. In a world of uncertainty and risks, you must be vigilant if you want to protect yourself and your loved ones. Surely, that would include putting up a robust perimeter protection system all around the premises. Additionally, using different techniques and measures to enhance security is also a good step that you should consider taking. For instance, using chain-link fences, perimeter lights, fence alarms as well as perimeter fence detection systems, etc., can all work wonders to boost the security at your property.

Perimeter fence detection and lights for enhancing security:

Let us discuss two of the most commonly used methods to boost security at your borders. First, putting up competent lights can augment the overall situation of security at your perimeter. It helps by increasing vision in the areas which in turn makes it easier for us to monitor the area for any potential threats and intruders.

Secondly, many perimeter fence detection systems are available in the market these days that you can utilize to boost the overall condition of security. Most of these detection systems can detect an intrusion with great accuracy. It makes them one of our most precious assets when it comes to perimeter security. Integrating your perimeter sensors with other intelligent security devices allow you to distinguish between real threats of intrusion and false alarms.

Integrating perimeter lights with perimeter fence detection systems:

By integrating perimeter lights with your detection systems, you can automate the lights to turn on or off when triggered by the presence of an intruder. The smart security solutions are paving new ways to stay safe and secure from intruders and all other potential threats.

CAST Perimeter lights for use with security systems:

CAST Perimeter is the leading name in the field of perimeter lights and their related accessories. We help you set up your perimeter lights and integrate them with your perimeter fence detection systems for better protection. 
To enumerate CAST Perimeter has five lighting products.

CPL3 Series:

These lights are ideal for use with your pre-existing security systems. Also, they provide direct, glare-free illumination and you can attach them directly to fence posts for easy installation.

CPL2 Series:

Use these lights for the most basic intruder detection at all the commercial, municipal, and even residential properties.

Wall Pack Lights:

You can install these lights in the walls and alleyways of high-security areas and buildings where conventional lights cannot reach. 

IR Infrared Wall Pack Lights:

These lights are ideal for use with CCTV cameras, especially at night time for clear images and foolproof monitoring of the entire perimeter. 

CPL3IR Night Owl Gen 3 Series:

These lights can help you stay in command as they can switch between infrared and visible light for enhanced protection at your premises.
Call us now for lighting up your perimeters, and remember, if it is not lit, it is not secure.