Here’s the cold hard truth: You can have the best security cameras, most expensive video management system, state of the art access control, and a robust fence-mounted intrusion detection system, but if you don’t have the correct perimeter lighting to integrate with these systems, they won’t be as effective at night when intruders typically attack. As noted before, a study by the UNC Charlotte Department of Criminal Justice found that 24% of convicted burglars said they considered avoiding properties that use outdoor lighting. So, no matter what other systems you have in place to thwart would-be criminals, lighting is THE key to preventing unwanted intruders. And you know why. Criminals don’t like to be seen, it’s that simple. Here at CAST, our perimeter lighting systems work with virtually any security solution because they all come with a dry contact closure interface which works with the CAST Lighting fence-mounted solution.

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So, how can an effective perimeter lighting system work with your other systems to make sure your property and assets stay safe and secure? We’re breaking it down system by system.

1. Security Camera System: During the day, high quality and precisely-placed security camera systems (like American Dynamics, AXIS, hikvision, Genetic, Milestone, Avigilon, Alhua, etc.) can see anything and everything clearly on your property. But when the sun goes down, they have a hard time “seeing” what’s happening. Even the new “low light” cameras that can see in the dark only help to tell you someone is out there. When security arrives, it is still pitch black, so by adding a low voltage, low cost lighting system on top of the fence, the criminals won’t like it, but the cops will (and it is safer for the cops too) because now the criminals can be seen since the cameras kick into color, which is great to identify and convict the criminals. Learn more about how to design your perimeter lighting system here

2. Video Management System (VMS): Video Management Systems like Exacq, Aviligon, Genetic, Arteco, and others not only record real time video taken by your security camera system, but they also store and manage those videos and allow shared access capability across your security systems. Again, without the proper perimeter lighting system in place to allow your security systems to operate at optimal levels, it will be difficult for the analytical systems in your VMS to identify movement and action on your property, which can also interfere with any signals sent to you when this activity takes place. If your system can’t record clean, crisp images of  what’s going on, the ability to help keep your property and assets safe will be greatly diminished.

3. Access Control System: Access control systems (like Salto and Kantech) that use a keypad entry at doors and gates can also benefit from superior perimeter lighting. Not only will your lighting system help keep the bad guys out, but it can also make it safer for those who do need to be on your property at night. And here’s a huge bonus: You can often connect your lighting system to your access control system so that additional lights can be activated when the keypad is used, offering even more security and safety benefits over and above your always-on perimeter lighting system. This is helpful at gate and door entries.

4. Intrusion Detection System: When you have a fence-mounted intrusion detection system like Protech, RBTec, Magnasphere, Southwest Microwave etc., and someone has made it to the fence line, they will then attempt to gain entry into your property by either cutting or climbing the fence. These systems identify the activity and send a signal to the fence-mounted lights to activate, which causes the intruders to scramble like rats. The goal is to chase them away and leave your property alone.

If you’ve put a lot of time and money into protecting your property and assets, you want to make sure investment is working to the best of its ability 24/7/365 by making sure your perimeter lighting system is as exceptional as your other systems. Need help designing and implementing the best perimeter lighting system for your property? Fill out our contact form, and we’ll get all your perimeter protection systems working together to protect and secure your assets ASAP!