Effective installation of the perimeter fence

Stopping intruders from entering your property is important. Expensive infrastructure is an asset for every company. Protecting this asset is not an easy task. However, it requires attention to detail and choosing the right hardware.< /> Mounting up aggressive perimeter security is not expensive at all. This is just a misconception about it, for which traditional technology is to blame. However, buying the wrong equipment is costly. So, if you are going to deploy perimeter security then make sure you do it right. 

Adding hardware

Setting up aggressive perimeter security only is not enough for guaranteed security. Security cameras along with sensors are also integrated for surveillance. More often these fences are designed to complete an electric circuit upon contact to deter thieves. Now the question arises, is it secured now? The answer is no because there is no light yet!

Another valuable feature is that it is surge and spike protected. In case of any fluctuation in voltage, this product will refrain the LED from getting damaged. Therefore, a reliable product with maximum output.

CAST Lighting

CAST Lighting aims to provide perimeter security lighting solutions. Earlier we discussed cameras and guards monitoring any suspicious activity. But sometimes fences stretch over thousands of feet which are almost impossible to monitor for guards. Aggressive perimeter security lighting is the solution to this problem. With adequate lighting, fences are monitored by guards through cameras. It is a viable plan to keep an eye on everything.

Moreover, CAST Perimeter provides pre-engineered ready to install kits for your ease. Our customers have the option to choose their lighting fixtures from multiple options. Not only this, all other hardware is included in the complete kit. 
GEN 3 –Kits are also available in various lengths along with hardware equipment. Here is an 80’ example with the CPL325 light:

  • (4) CAST LED GEN 3 Perimeter Lights (CPL325)
  • CAST Perimeter™ Lighting Transformer 300VA (CPT300)
  • CAST Photocell (CTPC)
  • 250ft. roll, #14/2 No-Ox Wire (CLW142500)
  • (8) Quick-connect Posi-Tap splice connections (CPQC1) (2 per fixture)

This lighting product is the new generation LEDs that outperform every other lighting product available. Robust LEDs will increase the effectiveness of your aggressive perimeter security system with 50’ of light on each side of the fence or 100’ so nobody is sneaking up on your property.


All the above mentioned key points contribute to updating your perimeter security system. If you have any queries then visit our website at www.cast-lighting.com and contact us to place your order. Remember, if it’s not lit, it’s not secure!