Modern security solutions have become very advanced. However, having proper perimeter lighting remains important. CAST Lighting believes that light is the first layer of security. As a result, we have developed a robust boundary lighting solution. Read on to find out how outdoor security lights protect your property and what makes CAST Lighting the best in the industry.

Benefits of Outdoor Security Lights

Let’s look at a few reasons why lighting is important for security.

Deterrent for Intruders

Proper lighting makes your property look nice from the outside. In addition to that, lighting plays an integral part in keeping unwanted visitors off your property. It is easier for intruders to sneak into your property at night. A well-lit perimeter acts as an effective deterrent against perpetrators.

Enhances Other Security Systems

Modern security solutions such as CCTV cameras work better in a well-lit environment. Night-vision cameras exist, but they can be very expensive. Also, their video quality is not that good. Using CAST Perimeter Lighting, you can significantly increase the effectiveness of your cameras.

Increased Appeal

Proper lighting around your property can give you a feeling of enhanced security. It also indirectly increases the value and appeal of your land. Upgraded security features such as perimeter lighting may entice a potential buyer.

What Makes CAST Lighting Superior to Other Solutions?

We use precision engineering to build CAST Lighting products. As a result, our products remain unaffected by the common problems affecting modern lighting system

Cost and Energy Savings

CAST LEDs are built for efficiency. Our low-voltage technology reduces the energy used by the lighting systems. We use high-quality components to ensure that our products last a long time. Some of our products are also compatible with a portable dimmer. (CDIMMER). This results in enhanced control over your lights. Adding a third-party motion sensor can bring further cost savings. Motion sensors cause your lights to only turn on if the movement is detected.


FlashGlare is our system designed to weaken intruders’ vision temporarily. It works by turning lights on and off every ten seconds. Strategically using FlashGlare can create ‘glarezones.’ The disorientation caused by this is enough to cause intruders to retreat. However, it is short enough not constantly to blind the innocent who may be around the property.

Flexible Setups

CAST Perimeter Lighting can be customized using an assortment of extensions and accessories available. We offer LEDs in the following wattage:

  • 8 watts
  • 12.5 watts
  • 16 watts
  • 25 watts

Low-voltage LEDs can save energy while still covering all of the required area. Our 20 and 30-feet spacing kits, wire connectors and extensions give you even more options for customization. Consequently, you can create a unique perimeter lighting system.


At CAST Lighting, we aim to give you peace of mind and a feeling of security for your property. As a result, our company is among the industry leaders in perimeter lighting solutions. And remember, if it is not lit, it is no secure!