Security is a big concern, especially in urban areas. As security threats have evolved, the need for proper perimeter security is more important than ever. Security systems have grown more sophisticated over time. However, the methods to undo such security measures have evolved too. As security technologies grow more complex, the number of loopholes, weak points, and flaws in them also increases. Moreover, security systems such as CCTV cameras and alarms only help after an intruder gains access to your property. However, perimeter security prevents intruders from entering in the first place. Therefore, perimeter security are crucial for protecting your property.

CAST Perimeter Security Products

The choice of perimeter security products is very important, and it depends on the area that must be protected. Furthermore, the choice also depends on the severity of the risk. All perimeter lighting solutions are not equal. Therefore, CAST offers five lighting systems designed for different situations. Let’s look at thesein more detail.

  • CPL3
  • CPL2
  • Wall Pack Lights
  • Infrared Wall Pack Lights
  • CPL3IR Night Owl


The CPL3 is our most innovative perimeter light to date. It is compatible with third-party sensors, uses little voltage and comes with different lighting levels.>


<>This low-voltage light is perfect for helping your CCTV cameras capture clear pictures and videos in low-light conditions.>


Wall Pack Light

This product is very easy to install and is perfect for narrow pathways around buildings. On top of that, our Wall Pack Light is incredibly affordable.

Infrared Wall Pack Light

The infrared Wall Pack Light is designed to provide enough IR for IR cameras to operate properly. Many IR cameras cannot emit enough infrared to take clear images.

CPL3IR Night Owl

Now you get all the features of CPL3 with additional infrared functionality. Moreover, CPL3IR can switch between infrared and visible white light as needed.

All our products deliver low-voltage, low-cost lighting solutions for your property. Furthermore, our products are very easy to install. For instance, in some cases, only one technician is enough for the task! On top of that, our products are very durable. This is because we use sand-casting to make the casings for our lights. That, combined with high-quality components, ensures the longevity of our products.

Perimeter Lighting is an Integral Part of Security

At CAST Lighting, we strongly believe perimeter lighting to be a crucial part of adequate perimeter security. Light serves to provide you with vision. It helps deter intruders while also allowing your CCTV cameras to remain functional. We understand security problems and concerns and have come up with the most innovative perimeter security products.

Contact us today for lighting up your perimeters, and remember, if it is not lit, it is not secure!