If you ask yourself, what do you need to maintain secure premises? What would be the answer? Surely, for most of us, gating the property, putting up a fence around the perimeters, and having a well-lit area are some of the most crucial steps for maintaining robust security. Additionally, integrate these steps with surveillance cameras, fence alarms systems and motion detectors, etc., and you’ll get foolproof security at your perimeters. Many perimeter security companies out there are making robust products for adequate security all around the perimeter.

The best perimeter security companies for lighting up your premises:

Below, we are gathering the best perimeter security companies providing you a wholesome security experience.

CAST Perimeter Lights – for lighting up your premises:

CAST Perimeter is a leading company for manufacturing perimeter lights and their associated accessories. To enumerate, we have over six lighting products that we tailor to best suit the needs of your perimeters.

Furthermore, our lights are low-cost, low-voltage, and provide the best LED lighting solutions. We work on the latest principles of LED technology and lighting optics. All our products work on a safe 24 Volt system and are surge and spike protected.

Moreover, our Infrared perimeter lighting products are ideal for use with CCTV cameras for enhancing night-time vision for active surveillance.

We are mentioning some of the proud partners of CAST Perimeter Lights, that deliver efficient performance and robust security at the perimeters.

RBtec – for Perimeter Intrusion Detection Systems:

Secondly, for Intrusion Detection Systems, one of the names that instantly pops into our minds is RBtec. Established in 1986, this company has years of experience and talent at its disposal. RBtec is a proud partner of CAST Perimeter Lights and ready to secure your perimeters!
American Dynamics – for security cameras:
For security cameras, CAST Perimeter has partnered up with American Dynamics. They manufacture reliable and cost-effective security cameras to help you monitor your perimeters.

MagnaSphere is one of the perimeter security companies that meet all the high-set standards for maintaining adequate security at the perimeters. Surely, you can measure the reliability of this company by the fact that many government agencies and departments are already using MagnaSphere for maintaining robust security at the perimeters.

Exacq – for Video Management Systems:


Similarly, for competent Video Management Systems, CAST Perimeter partners with Exacq. We believe in joining hands with the companies who always put the clients’ needs forward and strive to deliver competent perimeter security solutions. Exacq works on the same principle, and hence, is a proud partner of CAST Perimeter Lights.

Salto – for access control:


Finally, Salto strives to derive access control systems that are simple to use and deliver efficient performance. CAST Perimeter partners with Salto to provide less complex and more competent security solutions for the clients.
To sum up, these are some of the best perimeter security companies that you can put your trust in. Integrate your security systems with CAST Perimeter Lights for enhanced protection against intruders. Light up your perimeters now because if it is not lit, it is not secure.