Become invisible to the intruders!

Nighttime poses a threat for almost all the security perimeters and intruders make their move when it is dark. They tend to hide in dark spaces waiting for the opportunity. Therefore, CAST Perimeter Lighting insist on adding adequate lighting along with cameras, alarms, sensors, and access control points are all essential for an effective

Darkness is when intruders make their move

Although you are protected during the day still you are vulnerable at night. Thieves might change their approach and target a different area if a place is overly illuminated. Our goal is to be there without them knowing! Infrared light is invisible to the human eye but detectable by a camera. Deploying infrared creates a spectrum the only camera can see, especially during the night. Thus, intruders do not even know you are right there.

Infrared lighting

Even though we now know what we need, there are still some factors related to the deployment of infrared. Before we discuss possible obstacles. Let us introduce the CAST perimeter infrared wall pack light. It is designed to be fitted in congested spaces. In short, it can be used where the normal infrared can not be installed.

Existing flaws with infrared solutions

Existing infrared lighting solutions are typically installed directly inside the camera. This traps the light and might blind the camera because of direct glare. Furthermore, it is not evenly distributed across the perimeter system to produce the desired results.

CAST perimeter infrared light

CAST Perimeter Lighting provides the solution to this with our latest infrared light. It delivers uniform infrared for better vision for cameras. Hence it increases the effectiveness of physical security perimeter protection.

Properties and features

Our infrared light operates on low-voltage thus reducing electrical cost. 50,000-hour life with warranty policy. Surge and spike protected to withstand any voltage fluctuations. As a result, your physical security perimeter protection will never stop. Most importantly CAST infrared light is a low-cost, low-voltage, and durable fixture. It costs just a fraction of traditional infrared solutions used in the industry. You can refer back to the product page to download the product sheet.


Below mentioned sites can get the best out of CAST Perimeter infrared light.

  • Commercial
  • Municipal
  • Military fences
  • Construction sites



We have discussed all the factors that can compromise your physical security perimeter protection. Therefore, contact CAST Perimeter Lighting to get the best-infrared solutions available. And remember, if it’s not lit, it’s not secure!