Are you tired of continuously worrying about having secure perimeters? Then don’t worry anymore! As you have come to the right place. Here, we will explain how can you ensure robust security at your property. Firstly, you have to put up a fence around your borders marking the premises of your propertyMost commonly, we use chain-link fences for this purpose. While they may be effective as a physical barrier, they do not offer complete security against intruders. For that purpose, you should integrate them with chain link fence gate alarmsand perimeter lights.

How can Chain-link fence gate alarms help to boost security?

Fences can stop the intruders both physically as well as psychologically. But what they cannot stop is the determined intruders! The intruders who have planned to enter your premises by any means. The reason is that the chain-link fences can be easily cut or manipulated with pliers or any other tools. Therefore, it is necessary to integrate them with other systems to enhance their performance.

Integrate your chain-link fences with gate alarms and perimeter lights for added security and to stop the intruders effectively.

Perimeter lights for chain-link fence security:

Usually, chain link fences cover large areas of property and land. It is practically impossible to monitor all that area without taking the help of other systems. Especially at night, when the darkness falls. Studies have shown that intruders are the most active at night time.

Integrate your perimeters with competent lighting from CAST Perimeter to enhance the security at your borders.

CAST Perimeter Lighting Products:

We have launched a total of six lighting products to fit all kinds of perimeter lighting requirements.

They are:

  1. CPL2 Series:

These lighting products are ideal for use in perimeters and fences with low-to-medium security risks. They are perfect for deterring away any intruders by alerting them beforehand with well-lit perimeters.

  1. CPL3 Series:

CPL3 Series are one of the most widely used lighting products by CAST Perimeter. Offering you low-cost, low-voltage perimeter lights to light up your perimeters and chain link fence gate alarms for better security, even at night-time.

  1. High-Power Perimeter Light:

These lights offer a wider lumen output with the same diameter coverage as CPL1 products. Ideal for use in airports, electrical power grids, and substations, etc.

  1. Wall Pack Light:

You can use these lights for installation in areas where the conventional lighting products cannot reach. Use in the walls and alleyways of high-security areas and buildings for robust security.

  1. CPL3IR Night Owl Gen 3 Series:

This product offers field tunable infrared intensity adjustment and helps the CCTV cameras in capturing clearer images at night time.

  1. IR Infrared Wall Pack Lights:

These lights can shift between the visible white lights and Infrared lights depending upon your preference and use. They are perfect to use with CCTV cameras for added security at the chain-link fence gates and alarms.

To summarize, CAST Perimeter brings all the solutions for your perimeter lighting needs. Call us now and get free demo services on your site to decide which product is the best for you. Remember, if it is not lit, it is not secure.