Rise in crime

While criminal activities are escalating, there is a need for advancement in the security industry as well. Intruders are getting their hands-on latest equipment. With that said, CAST Perimeter Lighting has come up with innovative ideas.

Don’t take the risk with your security

Security is a fundamental aspect of constructing a building. It is as important as design, landscape, or neighborhood. Security is usually taken care of by just blasting the property with a lot of bright lights. This is not helpful at all. Extreme illumination means that average brighter areas will be seen as lesser brighter areas. As a result, dark patches are formed for thieves to hide.

Creating a fiber optic perimeter security is one way out. CAST Perimeter low-voltage LED is best suited for evenly distributed lighting. More importantly, we need the area outside the fence to be brighter than the property because they act as the first line of defense. Subsequently illuminating the fence is our top priority.

CAST Perimeter Lighting Pre-Engineered Ready to Install Kits

Not sure yet? Let’s talk about specifics. Take pre-engineered ready to install kits as an example. With CAST Perimeter Lighting you get everything in one package. We offer 2 options viable according to your requirements. For instance, each option includes: CAST Perimeter Lights

  • Accessories
  • Transformer
  • Wiring
  • Go through our product page to know more!

How CPL2 is effective and its features

Furthermore, CAST Perimeter CPL2 is an advanced design to work on safe low-voltage. Deter intruders with the combination of laser fence alarm and fiber optic perimeter security. It covers 40 feet in diameter. In short, it covers both, inside and outside of the fence. Highlighting features are:

Safe 24-Volt System
Easily attaches to most standard fence posts (custom size brackets are also available for larger fence posts)

  • 3rd Party Integration
  • IP66 Rated
  • Surge & Spike Protected
  • Rugged, High-Quality construction for hot or cold environments
  • All mounting hardware and electrical connectors included

Another solution: CPL3IR Night Owl

Another solution is infrared lighting. CAST Perimeter Night Owl Infrared CPL3IR delivers field tunable infrared lighting. Moreover, it switches between visible light and infrared light upon detection of movement. If you are familiar with infrared lighting, you must know the secret to infrared lighting. It is invisible to the human eye. But cameras are capable of gathering images during dark with infrared lighting.


Never gamble and take a risk with your security network. Buy the best LEDs at the lowest rates for complete fiber optic perimeter security. 
Refer to the product sheet for technical information. Do not waste time and grab your award-winning LED lights now! Remember, if it’s not lit, it’s not secure!