Every year hundreds of miles of fences are deployed. The idea behind is based on the need to secure property and protect infrastructure. It can be tricky and insufficient if handled poorly. On the brighter side, it is not expensive and effective if some details are tackled adequately.

The most significant reason to install a fence alarm system is to deter intruders. To make sure it fulfills its purpose, appropriate security components are required. Also, glare-free lighting is the backbone of a complete security network. Ever wondered how lighting has such a significant part to play in a fence alarm system?

Eyes for your perimeter security system

The foremost reason is to provide enough visibility that nothing goes undetected. Without light, our eyes have no purpose. So is the case with the perimeter detection system. specially at nighttime, when most disturbances happen. For that CAST Perimeter Lighting has introduced glare-free LEDs. low-cost, low-voltage, and long-lasting lighting solutions for complete security. After that, you need hardware equipment to control lights and a fence alarm system.

Control lights with motion detectors

CAST Perimeter Lighting dry contact closure interface transformer is integrated with sensors, alarms, and lights. As soon as an intruder approaches sensor detects movement and the transformer turn on the lights. Sounds exquisite, doesn’t it


The dry contact closure interface transformer works best with most of the intelligent security solutions. There is no substitute for this as it acts as brains for lighting fixtures. However, you still do need additional hardware!

How CAST Perimeter dry contact closure interface transformer produces outstanding results?

  • Timing Range – 0.1 second to 10 days. Single timing range or multi-range from 100ms to 10 days
  • Operating Supply Voltage – 120V/208V/ and European 220V/240V models available
  • Dielectric Strength – 2.5 kVAC Display Type – LED: Input and Output indicators LED Contact Form and Rating – DPDT (2 Form C), 15A Termination Style & Contact Material – Quick connect terminal; Material: Silver Alloy.  Can accept a simple dry contact (NO) closure virtually any 3rd party system
  • NEMA Type 3R,4,12, and 13
  • Due to its broad range of functionality the dry contact closure interface transformer is deployable at any site. Furthermore, CTTDR / CTTDRPM also connects to upgrade your system with CAST Perimeter FlashGlare, a total solution for securing your site perimeter with an active fence alarm system.

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