Imagine you have a strong laser beam security fence installed at your perimeters. You have integrated it with CCTV cameras so that no intruder goes on without being seen by the cameras’ eyes. There are alarms that will start ringing the minute somebody invades the range of the laser beam security fence. Everything is set and ready, but wait? Did the night just fall?

In the dark, almost all of your security plans might come to fail. Even the strongest of the security systems like the laser security fences might not perform to their full capacity in the absence of daylight.

How to combat darkness for fool-proof perimeter security?

Perimeter lights are the answer. Lighting up your fences is a key ingredient in the sauce of perimeter security. When you light up your fences, you are automatically putting up a big ‘beware’ sign on the perimeter, that the intruders can detect from far away and steer clear of your property.

While the fence alarms, laser beam security fences, and other security mechanisms only work when an intruder is already in close vicinity to them. On the other hand, the perimeter lights can work from as far as they can be seen. Integrate your laser beam security fences with CAST Perimeter Lights for added protection at the perimeters.

CAST Perimeter lights range:

With CAST Perimeter Lights you can get an average illumination of about 40 feet in diameter, with 20 feet on either side of the fence. Hence, you can warn the intruders from a far-off distance to steer clear of your property. In this way you can save your property and assets from any unwanted guests.

CAST High-Power Perimeter Lights 2x, 3x, 4x:

The CAST High-Power Perimeter Light is one of the most successful lighting products by CAST. These lights offer a lumen diameter of about 2x, 3x, and 4x the lumen size of regular CPL1 light. This is why these products are preferred by all the CAST Perimeter customers.

Another feature that makes us greatly loved by the clients is that the High-Power Perimeter lights offer a direct, glare-free, full cut off illumination. We offer easy installation and easy integration with third-party security systems e.g. the laser beam security fences.

Moreover, we believe every fixture is important, so our engineers put in extra effort to craft the design to provide the best lighting solutions available in the market.


The CAST Perimeter High-Power Lighting products have a number of different usages.

It is a perfect low-cost, low-voltage lighting product for areas like airports, data centers, reservoirs and power grids, etc. Furthermore, the military department also uses these lights for temporary and long-term setups. Most of the sensitive and high-security areas can use these lights for boosting their security along with the laser beam security fences.

Hence, there are many uses for this incredible lighting product.  Integrate it with your pre-existing security systems like alarm fences and laser beam security fences for added protection around the perimeters. Light up your fences and remember if it’s not lit, it’s not secure.