The art of security is evolving with each passing day. Back in the day, it was a man protecting another man, but machines are taking over security protocols with the latest innovations in technology. Now, there are different kinds of sensors and security systems available that can efficiently detect the presence of an intruder and alarm the respective authorities to take timely action against the intruders. One such technology is the laser fence alarm system.

Laser fence alarms for security:

The concept of a laser fence alarm system is quite easy to understand. The laser device uses infrared rays that come and go back and forth into the detector. These infrared rays are able to detect changes in temperature in the form of body heat. Therefore, when a person or even an animal passes through the range of the rays; the detectors sense the body heat, and the alarm goes off. Hence, the criminal can be caught red-handed.

Fence alarms and perimeter lights:

We believe that perimeter lights are an integral part of any well-established security system. Until a perimeter is well-lit, no matter how strong your security systems are, they’d fail to deliver optimal performance.

For instance, the laser fence alarm may go off at the slightest detection of body heat. But would the security cameras be able to catch the face of the intruder in complete darkness?

Moreover, darker premises will act as an open invitation to all the burglars and criminals for their ill intentions and activities.

To summarize, effective lighting is necessary to maintain safer perimeters.

CAST Perimeter Lights:

CAST Perimeter is a name of trust and a leading perimeter lighting company. We produce the best lighting products that offer easy integration with your pre-existing security systems e.g. laser fence alarm systems etc.

CPL2 is one of our most-trusted and most-liked lighting products. We will discuss this product in detail down below.

CAST Perimeter Light CPL2:

Light Coverage:

CPL2 gives an optimal diameter coverage of light. It covers both inside and outside sides of the fence and hence it is a complete lighting solution for your perimeters. CPL2 delivers a total diameter of 40 feet of light coverage, with 20 feet on either side of the fence.

Applications of CPL2:

CPL2 is a second-generation lighting product by CAST Perimeter. The engineers have designed it to deliver lasting and optimal performance throughout the fences. We use the quality CREE LED lights in our fixtures, which guarantee the durability and efficiency of our lighting products.

You can incorporate these lights in a variety of different ways. Many organizations use CPL2 lights for added security along with their laser fence alarms and other security systems as well. Airports, public parks, commercial, municipal and residential properties all can benefit from our CAST CPL2 lighting products.

CAST Lighting brings you all of your perimeter lighting solutions. Light up your perimeters for more secure and safer premises, because if it’s not lit, it’s not secure.