When talking about maintaining robust security at the perimeters, one of the best ways is to use perimeter fences integrated with alarms and lights. Certainly, the most secure places are those who not only have robust security on the inside of the building but also the outsides. A safe outdoor perimeter is as important as the access controls for maintaining adequate security. The latest innovations in technology bring infrared fence alarm systems to help you detect the presence of an unexpected body or intruder.   
Here is how infrared beams can act as an effective security system.

Using Infrared fence alarm systems for enhanced security:

The infrared fence alarm system works by detecting the discontinuity in the infrared radiation signals when an intruder or object passes through. The whole system consists of a transistor device and a receiver or a detecting device. They are further connected with alarms. 

The transmitter sends off infrared beams which return to the detecting device uninterrupted. As soon as an intruder or object crosses through the signal range, the radiations are blocked from coming back to the receiver. Consequently, the alarm starts ringing and alerts the concerned authorities. 

If you want to enhance the performance of your infrared fence alarm systems, then you should try integrating them with perimeter lights. The detectors are integrated with lights such that they trigger the lights to turn on when an intruder approaches nearby. It not only scares the intruder away but also helps the CCTV cameras capture clearer images for identification.  

Integrate the best perimeter lights:

CAST Perimeter is the only name that pops into our minds when speaking of competent perimeter lights for security. We offer low-voltage and low-cost perimeter lights for enhanced protection at the perimeters. 
To enumerate, we have over five lighting products. 
We are mentioning brief details for each of them below. 

  • CPL3 Series:

Use the CAST CPL3 Series for lighting up your premises for advanced protection against intruders. These lights provide seamless integration with the third parties, e.g. the infrared fence alarm systems. Install them with the Flash Glare technology for added security at the fences.

  • CPL2 Series:

This perimeter lighting product is built to last. Offering your durable perimeter lighting services for adequate brightness all-around your perimeters.

  • Wall Pack Lights:

These lights provide the perfect solution to light up the walls and alleyways of high-security areas or buildings.  

  • IR Infrared Wall Pack Lights:

These lights are perfect for use in areas where conventional Infrared lighting products are unable to reach. Providing you clearer images even at nighttime.

  • CPL3IR Infrared Night Owl Gen 3 Series:

This lighting product delivers high-quality lighting solutions where the lights can be turned on when triggered by an intruder. 
To summarize, CAST Perimeter offers the best lighting products. Integrate them for enhancing the security of your infrared fence alarm systems. Remember, if it is not lit, it is not secure.