Farms are a big business and a treasured source of income for the owners. It is crucial to maintain their security and to go to every length to make sure that the perimeters are safe. One of the most important factors in farm perimeter security is installing CCTV cameras and perimeter lighting. More so, the owners are deploying many innovatory technologies to ensure the safety of farms.

Ways of ensuring farm perimeter security:

There are many methods that we can deploy to ensure farm security.

For instance

  • CCTV cameras
  • Perimeter lights
  • Alarms
  • Motion sensors
  • Spike fencing
  • Electric fencing

Thus, farm owners around the world use a range of security protocols to implement at the perimeters.

Perimeter lights for farm perimeter security:

As we mentioned earlier, perimeter lighting is one of the most important security products. Therefore, lights should be deployed at all the perimeters to keep the farms safe. Indeed, it is safe to say that without effective lighting, almost all of the security systems would fail to deliver efficient performance.

CAST Perimeter Lights:

CAST Perimeter Lights is a leading name in perimeter lighting and integrated security systems. Specifically, we manufacture a wide range of lighting products that fits your every need.

Some of the most popular products are:

  • CPL3 Generation 3 Series
  • CAST High-Power Perimeter Light (2x, 3X, 4X)
  • CAST Perimeter Wall Pack Light
  • CPL3IR Infrared Night Owl Generation 3 Series
  • CAST Perimeter IR Infrared Wall Pack Light

To enumerate, these are some of the best products that CAST Perimeter Lights offer. Indeed, these can help you put up an unbeatable farm perimeter security.

Introducing PoE lighting interface:

CAST Perimeter Lights now offers the innovatory PoE technology integrated into their lighting interface. In short, we are introducing Power over Ethernet!<

What is PoE?

PoE can deliver electrical power to your perimeter lighting over an ethernet cable.  For this purpose, we use a regular Cat 5 or 6 twisted pair cable. Previously, it was impossible to achieve because the lighting consumed too much power that the ethernet cables couldn’t provide. But with LED lighting technologies entering the game, it has now become much more achievable to power the fence perimeters through PoE.

PoE provider – EtherWAN:

EtherWAN is the proud partner of CAST Perimeter Lights to make PoE lighting solutions accessible. Also, EtherWAN has developed a custom code switch to work with the CAST Perimeter PoE lighting interface.

Salient features of EtherWAN’s 60W PoE switch:

Following are some of the most notable features of the PoE switch given below.

  • 8 Ports PoE + 4 Ports SFP
  • 60 Watts IEEE 802.3 AT/BT
  • 60 Watts Per Port - PoE Lighting
  • 2 Ports for PoE Lighting
  • 6 Ports for IoT Devices
  • Intelligent Management
  • Hardened Switch

Salient features of CAST Perimeter lighting interface:

Following are some of the most notable features of CAST Perimeter’s Lighting Interface:

  • Safe Low Voltage, Low Cost
  • CPL2 - 40 Foot Diameter Light Coverage
  • CPL38 - 100 Foot Diameter Light Coverage
  • Up to 200 Feet of Fence Line Illuminated
  • Dusk to Dawn Setting
  • Easy and Fast One Person Installation
  • Flash Glare™ to Disable Intruders Eyes Naturally
  • Long Life - 18-Year CREE LED

To conclude, contact us now for more details and upgrade your