Award-winning landscape lighting design by Bernie Granier

Winning a lighting design award is a great achievement. Winning four awards in the same competition is outstanding! This is what Bernie Granier, of StarShine of Texas, did in the 2011 AOLP (Association of Outdoor Lighting Professionals)  annual outdoor lighting design competition.

Janet Moyer, the world-renowned landscape lighting designer, was among the judges. She has been instrumental in helping the AOLP develop their training programs and attracting the natural talents of designers like Bernie.

Unlike many lighting firms, Bernie Granier (based near Houston, TX) is a master in finding the perfect blend of architectural lighting and landscape lighting. The result is an exuberant nighttime experience  that embraces the totality of the property.

Exceptional architectural lighting, as shown here, requires an artistic eye and complete mastery of lighting tools.

Using only the best landscape lighting products (CAST among them), Bernie also takes care to ensure that the lights will survive the outdoor environment and continue to provide exceptional lighting year after year.

Our hats off to Bernie and StarShine of Texas for elevating the art of landscape lighting in the Lone Star State. Homeowners looking for exceptional lighting customized to their property, their homes, and their lives should contact Bernie. He’s a master of light and is fully capable of transforming your nighttime experience. We are proud to include Bernie among the CAST Lighting Masters of Landscape Lighting.