CAST Lighting foundry - pouring bronze into sand molds for landscape lighting fixtures

CAST Lighting foundry - pouring bronze into sand molds for landscape lighting fixtures

CAST Lighting, manufacturer of the world’s most rugged and durable landscape lighting products, announced today that their new bronze foundry is in full operation.

The foundry, located in Barranquilla, Columbia, is a state-of-the-art facility that combines high-tech induction furnaces and semi-automated assembly lines with workers trained in the fine art of bronze sand-casting. 
The opening of the new foundry coincides with the closing of CAST’s former foundry in Venezuela. With more than 4 times the capacity of the previous facility, this new foundry greatly expands production capacity.

David Beausoleil, President and Founder of CAST Lighting, remarked, “It was a significant challenge shifting operations over to the new foundry in the midst of the economic downturn. While many lighting manufacturers wear gearing down, we were gearing up, increasing our production capacity and decreasing our product time-to-market. The new foundry was essential for us to meet growing demands for our landscape lighting products.”

CAST Lighting’s commitment to manufacturing their own products differs from their competitors who largely outsource landscape lighting production to the Asian market. These companies often lose control of quality and face a price war among copycat Asian manufacturers.

Beausoleil explains, “From the start, we decided to manufacture our lighting fixtures out of solid sand-cast bronze, a metal nearly impervious to corrosion. This was no small task since the process of sand-casting is so dificult and labor-intensive. The materials are also very expensive. The only way we could make it work was to build and operate our own foundries, train our own workers and hire the best engineers to monitor the work. No one has duplicated our efforts and no other lighting manufacturer can offer such high quality at such a reasonable price.”