The patent-pending invention from CAST Lighting designed to greatly simplify the planning, installation, and maintenance of wall lights.

CAST Set-in-Stone Wall Light Installation System.

Stone or block walls are distinctive features found in nearly every well-designed landscape. Installing lights in these walls is a wonderful way to illuminate their beauty. These lights also illuminate adjacent pathways or garden beds. For these reasons, many under-capstone lighting fixtures are purchased and installed.

Among these wall light fixtures, the CAST Engineered Wall Light (both incandescent and LED versions) has become a light-of-choice, primarily because of its durability (solid bronze) and sustained performance – lamp compartment enclosed in frosted glass, integrated LED board, corrosion-resistant components, etc.

One of the biggest challenges facing wall light installers is the fact that once a light is mortared under the capstone, it is nearly impossible to remove. The same is true of wires that run through the walls. Another problem is that wall lights must be installed during the wall construction phase – a messy process and often a logistical nightmare among contractors.

The CAST Invention

CAST Set-in-Stone Wall Light Mounting Module and Flexible Conduit. Mylar label is peeled back for wiring, then re-sealed to prevent mortar intrusion.

The CAST Set-in-Stone™ Wall Light Installation System includes two components:

These components are installed during wall construction to provide fixture mounting locations and wiring conduit. This allows the lighting installation to occur after the wall has been completed.

How it Works

The modular system can be used for any wall light installation including between blocks and in solid walls, but the most common use will be under capstones. Let’s go through the steps for an under-capstone installation:

  1. Prepare the Wall. With the wall completely assembled except for the capstone, drill a hole to exit the wall.
  2. Put Wall Light Mounting Modules in Place. At each fixture location, place a module (holding it in place with a brick).
  3. Attach Flexible Conduit. Connect modules with Flexible Conduit, and run conduit from the first module to exit the wall.
  4. Run wires through Flexible Conduit. Run wires into and out of modules, and to exit the wall.
  5. Seal Modules. Each module has a Mylar flap that is opened to run wires then closed to prevent mortar intrusion.
  6. Connect and Insert Wall Lights. After the capstone has been mortared in place, open the module wiring compartment, connect fixture wires, then insert the bracket into the module sleeve. The wall light (and its wiring) may be removed at any time for servicing or replacement.

Learning the System

The CAST Set-in-Stone Installation manual contains detailed guidelines for wall light positioning and optimal wiring methods. This illustration shows the three main wiring methods.

The CAST Set-in-Stone wall Light Installation System is a rapid method that is easy to learn. A complete installation manual accompanies the modules.

Not so simple to learn are the subtle design considerations that determine exactly where each wall light should be placed. Also a little tricky, is determining what wiring configuration is ideal to ensure the proper voltage to each fixture. The installation manual addresses both the location and wiring configuration issues.