Why you need to upgrade your fence security system with CAST lighting LED lights?

Putting up a security fence is reliable to some extent but it still leaves you vulnerable during nightfall. Any suspicious activity might go unnoticed by CCTV cameras because of poor vision which can lead to an opportunity for burglars to proceed with any criminal activity during the hours of darkness. Now you want your presence to be known to anyone out there with false intentions. Our state-of-the-art LED lights can provide a guaranteed solution for this problem. With this technology deployed you can illuminate your premises and help your fence security system to identify any trespassers lurking behind dark spots.

Benefits of installing CAST lighting LED lights

LED lights are becoming the new norm of the industry. This new generation of technology is what soon everyone will want in their front or backyard. CAST lighting LED lights are shockingly low-cost and require very low maintenance compared to previous technology. Our installation process can be completed in a very short space of time which comes with instruction manual and training. Most frequently asked question by our clients is how resilient are these? With thorough research and extensive experience our engineers managed to discover that nothing stays younger than bronze. With aging and undergoing extreme weather conditions bronze stood firm without any signs of corrosion or rusting. That is why these LED lights are protected with bronze shield which keeps them unharmed alongside with their robust nature.

You will be surprised to know how cost effective this new technology is. Installation and product cost combined is way cheaper than normal lights. If you are interested in buying CAST lighting LED lights then you can contact us for pre-installation assessment. This can lower the risk by checking for any obstacles such as trees, shrubs, waste material or any animal dig holes in the ground. This way we can maximize the advantages of your perimeter fence security system with minimal risk.

Mobile application

We exist to make you feel secured and empowered by giving you the control of your fence security system perimeter. Our developers were successful in creating a mobile application through which you will be able to supervise your CAST lighting LEDs via Bluetooth! Isn’t this just amazing? It will give you key controls to manage the appearance of your fence. Staring from brightness, intensity, changing colors, setting timer and creating clusters of fixtures. Which means our clients can divide the LEDs into groups and create patterns of lighting with different groups emitting a different color. If you have any clients or guests visiting where you need to exhibit perfection these LEDs can make your fence look super appealing and interesting.

Contact us now

We would recommend you to take advantage of this new technology straight away without delaying it further. Check out our website to contact our local office immediately and prepare for early assessment. Let us help lit your fence because we believe if it’s not lit, it’s not secure!