It is hard to imagine safety inside the building when there is not enough protection on the outside. You can achieve foolproof security for the entire property only when you have maintained proper security at the perimeters of the buildings as well. Mostly, people tend to think that putting up a gate and installing alarms would be enough to ward off the intruders, and this may be not any far from reality. First, you need to put up chain-link fences and alarms all around your perimeters and mark your premises. Next, you need to light up the whole area with perimeter lights for added protection and to increase visibility for the surveillance cameras as well.

Chain-link fence alarms and perimeter lights for robust security:

Chain-link fences are the most widely used means of protection at the borders. You must have seen them around somewhere in a park, pathway, or airport perimeter, etc.

The chain-link fences act as a potent physical barrier to protect against intruders, burglars, and thieves, etc. In addition to the physical security, it also helps to deter the intruders away by acting as a psychological barrier. You can also chain-link fence alarms so that the alarms will start ringing when the fences are cut, climbed, or manipulated by any other means.

Integrating perimeter lights into the systems:

Furthermore, you can integrate perimeter lights with your chain-link fence alarms to enhance their performance.

The next question arises, which are the best perimeter lights to integrate with chain-link fence alarms? The answer is quite simple! Let us introduce you to CAST Perimeter Lights!

CAST Perimeter is a leading name in the world of perimeter lighting products as well as accessories. Additionally, we also have pre-engineered ready-to-install kits that come with a complete solution for all your perimeter lighting requirements.

CAST Perimeter Lighting products for all your lighting needs:

We have over six lighting products.

  1. CPL3 Series
  2. CPL2 Series
  3. High-Power Perimeter Lights
  4. IR Infrared Wall Pack Lights
  5. Wall Pack Lights
  6. CPL3IR Night Owl Gen 3 Series

All these lights offer low-cost, low-voltage lighting solutions. Our engineers and designers work tirelessly, to create the best lighting products. The use of quality CREE LED lights ensures the durability and longevity of our lights. Furthermore, you can easily integrate these lights with third-party security systems for enhanced protection at the borders.

Also, you can use our lights with the latest Flash Glare technology to efficiently deter intruders away.

We work on the latest principles and advancements in LED technology and lighting optics to ensure that our products deliver the finest results.

Salient features:

Some of the most prominent features of these lights are:

  • Safe 24V systems
  • IP 66 rated
  • Surge and spike protected
  • Ambient temperature range (-40 to +55 degrees Celsius)
  • Easy third-party integration
  • Easy installation options (with or without junction boxes)

These are some of the features that help our products stand out among the rest. Contact us today for lighting up your perimeters, and remember, if it is not lit, it is not secure.