Perimeter security is essential for protecting your property. It stops intruders and discourages them from trespassing. Even if they manage to get past your perimeter security, perimeters still delay intruders. Consequently, this gives security personnel enough time to apprehend the trespassers. You can make existing perimeter defenses better by pairing them up with sensors. Perimeter security beams can beef up your defenses a lot.

What are Perimeter Security Beams?

Security perimeter beam devices emit infrared light, forming an invisible tripwire. If someone crosses the beam, the connection between the emitter and receiver breaks. Consequently, this system can be used to trigger lights when paired with our CPL3 Gen 3 lights. This can enhance your perimeter security twofold. Furthermore, you can save on power costs as your lights will only turn on upon detection of movement.

What makes CAST Lights Unique?

Let take a look at some features that make CAST Lighting better than available alternatives.

Innovative Low-Voltage System

CAST Lighting is known for being the most effective perimeter lighting solution in the world. Our products use patented low-voltage design that removes the biggest problem that plagues outdoor lighting systems: Power wastage. As a result, CAST beats traditional lighting systems when it comes to efficiency.

Flexible Setups

We have pre-engineered kits for spacing so you can choose between 20 and 30-feet spacing kits, depending on your requirements. CAST offers a variety of options when it comes to accessories, extensions, and LED wattage. (8, 12, 16 and 25-watt) You can pick whichever LED wattage suits your needs.

Easy Installation

We have designed our products to be easily installable. So much so that one technician is enough for it. The simple wire splice design makes it easy to maintain the lighting systems. Furthermore, we have quick connector kits and crimp connectors. As a result, you don’t have to do complicated wire splices. CPL2 and CPL3 systems are easily attachable to fences using the brackets provided.


To make CAST products durable, we use sand-casting to make the housings. We create CAST Perimeter products for outdoor use, so durability is important. Sand-casting allows our products to withstand harsh weather. Furthermore, this allows our products to stay intact in case any intruder tries to damage them.

Flash Glare

Flash Glare is our technology designed to blind an intruder’s vision temporarily. Our perimeter lights turn on and off every 10 seconds. This continues for about four cycles which is enough to disorient intruders. In some cases, Flash Glare can also cause intruders stomachs to become ‘queasy.’ As a result, trespassers will have to retreat quickly. FlashGlare becomes very effective if paired with sensors. For instance, as soon as an intruder is detected, FlashGlare cycles start. This automates your perimeter lighting system.


Lighting is the first layer of security. CAST Lighting products ensure your property’s perimeter security. You can upgrade your CAST security by using third-party accessories such as perimeter security sensors. Order now to stay secure. And remember, if it is not lit, it is not secure.