Deploying a perfect perimeter system

Security is important to all of us. Whether private or commercial buildings, it is our way of making sure everything is safe. A plain boundary of the perimeter without any sensors or surveillance equipment is of no use. So, it is important to use a perimeter security beam, sensors, cameras, and lighting. Above all, these elements give you a protection shield. Therefore, this fence acts as the first layer of defense.

Usually setting up a fence and mounting laser fence alarms are done in one go. However, nighttime poses a threat. Any illegal activities that are difficult to detect. Adequate perimeter security beams reduce the chances of theft and vandalism.

CAST Perimeter Lighting to the rescue

CAST Perimeter Lighting has developed flawless lighting fixtures. Our LED lights are cost-effective and require very low maintenance. When compared to conventional technology previously used, they are much better suited. Moreover, they are quick to install with very little labor.
CAST Perimeter Lighting Pre-Engineered Ready to Install Kits
CAST Perimeter provides you with an all-in-one package. You name it, for complete integration of lighting everything is added in this package. 

  • CAST Perimeter Lights
  • Accessories
  • Transformer
  • Wiring

It starts from 80 feet fence with 20 feet spacing. Evenly distributed lighting fixtures erase all dark spots if any. Therefore, using perimeter security beams is one thing, but deploying them is another.
How CPL2 is effective and its features
Furthermore, CAST Perimeter CPL2 is an advanced design to work on safe low-voltage. Deter intruders with the combination of laser fence alarm and CPL2 lights. It covers 40 feet in diameter. In short, it covers both, inside and outside of the fence. some of its features are:
Safe 24-Volt System
Easily attaches to most standard fence posts (custom size brackets are also available for larger fence posts)

  • 3rd Party Integration
  • IP66 Rated
  • Surge & Spike Protected
  • Rugged, High-Quality construction for hot or cold environments
  • All mounting hardware and electrical connectors included


CAST Perimeter products are deployable for a vast variety of sites. Below are just a few of the list:
Airport Perimeters

  • Critical Infrastructure (Power Grid, Reservoirs, & Data Centers)
  • Energy Providers for power plants and substations
  • Commercial and Municipal Properties to illuminate long perimeters or pathways
  • Public Parks
  • Military - for permanent installations and rapid deployment settings
  • Temporary Fence Providers
  • General contractors to secure construction sites
  • Aid and Relief Stations
  • Marinas and Ports

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Although most of our products are deployable at a variety of sites, they have special benefits for their preferred sites. CAST Perimeter Lighting never compromises on quality. Therefore, you get a warranty policy in case of any damages. What are you waiting for? Remember, if it's not lit, it's not secure!