Taut wire fences and proper lighting enhances your perimeter security. Do you want to safeguard your property against unwanted visitors? Get our lighting systems now to discourage intruders from trespassing.

What is a taut wire fence?

A taut wire fence is a closely spaced wire mesh designed to keep intruders out. These fences come in both barbed and plain variants. Fences are one of the most basic physical security components. Some of these fences also come with a built-in intrusion detection system. Pairing up CAST Lighting products with a durable wire fence is a surefire way to protect your property.

Our Products

CAST Lighting offers various lighting products to suit your needs. Let’s look at the key features of our CPL3, CPL2 and wall pack lights.


CPL3 is our most advanced perimeter light to date. In fact, this award-winning product is the world’s most sophisticated lighting system. We understand the importance of combining different security system. Therefore, CPL3 is compatible with various third-party attachments such as sensors and radars. This product offers LEDs of different wattages: 8, 12, 16 and 25-watts. All variants cast light at the same distance. The only difference is the intensity of light produced. The included FlashGlare technology is designed to disorient intruders by turning lights on and off every 10 seconds.

CPL3 Night Owl

CPL3 Night Owl is the infrared version of CPL3. It can switch between IR and visible light when required. For example, CPL3 Night Owl can switch to visible light mode whenever movement is detected. This allows for flexible IR and white light setups.


We designed CPL2 as a low-voltage lighting system that helps CCTVs function better during the night. CPL2 covers a 40-feet diameter around its position. CCTVs often switch to low-quality black and white mode in low light situations. However, with CPL2 installed, your cameras can remain in high-quality color mode. This product is very easy to install on fence posts, requiring simple posi-tap connections. 

Wall Pack Lights (+ infrared variant)

We have designed our wall pack lights to fit in tight locations such as pathways between buildings. There is also an infrared version of wall pack light which assists the working of infrared cameras. In many situations, the in-built IR of cameras is not enough for proper visibility. These products operate on a safe 24-volt system. This ensures the longevity of our products.

Why Should You Choose CAST Lighting?

CAST offers products that are reliable and properly tested in the field. In fact, CAST has some of the best lighting solutions in the world. The numerous awards earned by CAST speak for themselves. Our lighting systems are durable, functional, and easy to install. Our lineup of extensions, accessories and spacing kits allow you to customize your lighting setups significantly. Order your CAST products now, and remember, if it is not lit, it is not secure.