Light fuels life, and it is a necessity that lets us efficiently perform daily tasks. In terms of security and fencing, perimeter system lighting is of prime importance. Let's take a look at what perimeter light is and some of the advantages of using the lighting.

What is perimeter lighting?

Perimeter lighting uses wall mount, or fence mount LED lights to illuminate the boundary or the fencing of a particular area. These fence lights such as the products on CAST Lighting's website. Hence, their sole purpose is to make the perimeter visible to aid security guards and cameras for surveillance.

How can it help?

Perimeter lighting is a protective tool that is immensely helpful in taking adequate security measures at nighttime. A well-lit place, be it a perimeter or a fence, is always more secure because the number one deterrent of an intruder is not to be seen. Thus, with appropriate lighting, any potential intruder will be significantly visible and, in most cases, avoid the property with lighting.

Features of efficient perimeter system lighting

There are numerous features perimeter system lighting should possess. However, we have listed the must-have for the lighting system. Integration with other security systems will be easy with these features.

  • Appropriate lux level for both camera and the human eye. A 4 to 1 min to max is the best light level
  • Effortless integration with surveillance and monitoring systems
  • Night-sky friendly and pollution-free
  • Equidistant distribution of light sources for homogenous lighting

Advantages of Perimeter System Lighting

Perimeter lighting can serve you in a great many ways. At CAST Lighting, we offer lighting specialized according to the need of each client.  Let's take a look at some of the advantages of perimeter lighting.

The first line of defense that offers security

Lighting acts as the first line of defense. Suppose the fencing is installed, but there is no light there; such a fence will be difficult to guard, and the perimeter will not be secure. Thus, properly lit fencing adds to the overall security of the place.

Wide range of application

Perimeter lighting possesses a wide range of applications.  You can use our lighting for commercial purposes, electrical substations, and military installations. Additionally, other applications include the lights of airport fencing and industrial or educational premises.

Low cost and low voltage

At CAST Lighting, we believe in cost-effective solutions and get the job done economically. Moreover, there is a wide variety available to fulfill the requirement of each client. These lights will help to lower your electricity bill as these are low voltage and conserve energy.


Perimeter system lighting is one of the most economical and effective ways to ensure security. It comes with several advantages and a wide area of application.  In addition to that, this light solution does not require a large monetary investment. Hence, you can effortlessly have them install and use it for both domestic and industrial purposes.

Thus, for an efficient lighting solution, contact CAST Lighting. Remember, if it is not lit, it is not secure.