Setting up a business is already financially draining but after that last thing you want is thieves sniffing around. Buying expensive machinery and facilities comes with the responsibility to making sure that you do not become a victim of getting robbed. An outdoor perimeter alarm system will act like your first line of defense prohibiting any unauthorized personnel from entering the property premises thus, establishing its importance.

CAST Perimeter Lighting, trusted by the industry

CAST Perimeter Lighting provides an optimal light source for the best results. Our award-winning technology requires minimal maintenance at a very low cost. Illumination is mostly wrongly interpreted and deployed. Engineers tend to blast the perimeter radius with improper lighting as a result, it leads to poor illumination.

There is no doubt robust lighting is a requirement but it should be distributed evenly for the desired outcome. As a result, this will eliminate shadows and reflection which will enhance visibility that can prove to be key in detecting movements by an outdoor perimeter alarm system.

Beginning of the evolution

Our products earned us the title of being an innovator in the industry. Trusted by our partners and clients for achieving new milestones regularly. For example, our LED was awarded for being the most innovative product of the year.

Just like before, our new product CAST Perimeter PoE has become the trademark in the industry instantly. First of all, it is safe to use and functions on low voltage. Secondly. It illuminates up to 200 feet of fence. Most importantly it runs on customized code that is non-hackable.

EtherWAN switch (EX78934E-OVB)

These were just a few out of many other benefits of deploying CAST Perimeter PoE Lighting. Further, it is attached to EtherWAN switch using Cat 5/6 data cable which has another 6 ports for IoTs. Below are the characteristics of EtherWAN EX78934E-OVB:

  • 8 Ports PoE + 4 Ports SFP 
  • 60 Watts IEEE 802.3 AT/BT 
  • 60 Watts Per Port - PoE Lighting 
  • 2 Ports for PoE Lighting 
  • 6 Ports for IoT Devices 
  • Intelligent Management 
  • Hardened Switch


The devices that can be integrated include low voltage lights, cameras, access control, perimeter intrusion. In other words, this is a complete package confined in a compact device for your outdoor perimeter alarm system.

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Light up your fence now because if it’s not lit it’s not secure!