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As you may know, we are about to release a ground-breaking new line of LED landscape lights.- The CAST Impressionist Series. Not only are these the most advanced and best performing LED luminaires on the market, they are designed to give the lighting designer unprecedented flexibility. As a designer, you will want to know the details. These luminaires will change the way you design your projects. CAST president, David Beausoleil, explains why in this 1-hour webinar.

Professionals-Only Webinar: Landscape Lighting Design: Do It As You Never Could Before – With The CAST LED Impressionist Series.

Landscape Lighting Design

You Will Learn:

1. Design Factors

  • How 20-step light level adjustment will improve your design immeasurably
  • How (5) interchangeable lenses ensure optimal beam spreads for every situation
  • How to accomplish precise glare control
  • Appropriate use of color options
  • The importance of rock-solid mounting to maintain accurate aiming

2. Performance Factors

  • Why you can’t ignore physical and chemical abuse
  • Why you need to pay attention to heat
  • Real-World Catastrophes – Surges, Spikes, EMI
  • Sustainability and Upgradability

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Check out our Professionals Only Webinar!   *Note for a full high resolution download of both the powerpoint and youtube video click on the link below: Webinar: CAST Impressionist Series For more info: mail to or call Stephanie at 973-423-2303.