Lights are the first layer of security. A proper wall lighting system can significantly increase the security of your property. Alarms and motion sensors only work after an intruder is on the premises. However, proper lighting serves as an effective crime deterrent.

What is CAST Wall Lighting

CAST Lighting is an industry leader that provides innovative, low-voltage perimeter security lighting. CAST is well-known for its long-lasting and extremely efficient LEDs. Our engineers have reinvented the perimeter lighting system, and we offer a state-of-the-art illumination system.

Why Use CAST Lighting?

Below are a few reasons why CAST dominates the perimeter lighting industry.

Innovative Low-Voltage System

CAST Lighting is known for being the most effective perimeter lighting solution in the world. The 2nd and 3rd generation models use special low-voltage design that eliminates the main problem that plagues outdoor lighting systems: Inefficiency. As a result, CAST knocks all other traditional lighting systems away when it comes to efficiency. Some of our designs are even controllable using a portable dimmer. (CDIMMER)

Flexible Setups

CAST offers a variety of configurations for fixtures, extensions, and LED wattage.

  • 8 Watt LEDs
  • 12.5 Watt LEDs
  • 16 Watt LEDs
  • 25 Watt LEDs

You can pick whichever LED wattage suits your needs. We also have pre-engineered kits for spacing. Currently, we offer 20-feet spacing kits for our CPL1 lineup. For the 3rd generation products, you have a choice of selecting 20-feet or 30-feet spacing kits.

Easy Installation

CAST lighting systems are so easy to install that one technician is enough for the job. The simple wire splice design makes it easy to maintain the lighting systems. CPL2 and CPL3 systems are easily attachable to fences using the brackets provided.


Sand-casting and precision engineering results in durable and secure housings for our lighting solutions. Being an outdoor lighting solution, CAST Lighting prides itself on creating products that last for a long time. We use high-quality components to make our LEDs. Consequently, our lights last for years to come.

Custom Orders

CAST also offers custom bracket orders for its fixtures. The CPL1 brackets have the following configurations:

  • CPL1MOD4X4 (4" x 4" inch square fence post)
  • CPL1MOD6X6 (Fits 6" x 6" inch square fence post)
  • CPL1MOD4X4S (Fits 4" x 4" inch square fence post with slotted bolt hole design)
  • CPL1MOD4R (Fits 4"-inch round fence post)

We are dedicated to ensuring the security of your property. One wall lighting solution cannot cater to every situation. Our custom orders, along with extensions and other accessories, allow for adjustments wherever needed.


All the above features mentioned above make CAST Lighting stand out in the world of perimeter lighting and security. Our products have won numerous awards over the years. As a result, CAST Lighting is a credible and reliable perimeter lighting company. Protect your property now because the lighting is the first layer of security. And remember: if it is not lit, it is not secure!