We can all agree that a landscaping project is not complete without landscape lighting. Also agreeable is the fact that there seem to be hundreds of landscape lighting manufacturers, each offering a plethora of fixture options. Brass or aluminum? Integrated or drop-in? Halogen or LED? Bluetooth or timer? Smaller fixture or a larger one? Black or brown? Low voltage or solar? The list goes on! With the obvious abundance of choices for the landscape lighting contractor to choose from, it can be a daunting task to choose the right fixture for any given lighting project!

We were curious about this and how landscape companies approach any given lighting project with so many options available to them. We reached out to a few of New England’s top design/build firms to find out what it is about CAST Landscape Lighting products that appeal to them:

Front driveway and yard at night lit by CAST Landscape lights.
Photo courtesy of Piscataqua Landscaping and Tree Service.

"CAST Lighting has been my "go-to" lighting manufacturer for many years. The quality of the craftsmanship, along with the durability of the fixtures themselves, have proven to be far superior to its next competitor," says Jay Rotonnelli of Piscataqua Landscaping and Tree Service in Eliot Maine. "Every client that I have shown these fixtures to, or sold them on, has been very impressed with not only the quality but more importantly the performance."

Piscataqua Landscaping and Tree Service is a highly respected, full-service design/build firm that has been servicing the Maine seacoast for 40 years. And while the coast of Maine is a beautiful place to set up residence and build your dream backyard oasis, the salt air along the coast can wreak havoc on metals that are not made to withstand the ocean air. This will lead to premature corrosion and failure. For Jay and his Piscataqua team, failure is not an option. Being made of solid cast bronze, CAST Landscape  Lighting fixtures offer a worry-free solution with a lifetime warranty. Something that is extremely important to Piscataqua Landscaping and their customers. "When you're looking for that special, "no-worry" fixture or fixtures, we can always count on CAST and its customer support," said Jay.

Backyard of a residential home at night lit with CAST Landscape lights.
Photo courtesy of a Blade of Grass.

Abdul Abuhajeb, the Landscape Lighting Manager for a Blade of Grass in Sudbury MA agrees that installing a "worry-free" product is important for customer satisfaction. After a large landscape lighting installation, it's important to feel comfortable that you just installed a quality product. "We all like to sleep well at night and installing CAST products helps us do just that," he said.

A Blade of Grass, an award-winning, design-build firm that has been creating beautiful landscapes in the Boston area for the past 25 years, has a reputation for quality workmanship. "We have been using CAST at a Blade of Grass for the past 10 years, and it is by far the best quality lighting fixture out there. CAST is always my first option when the client is expecting great quality," added Abuhajeb.

Like the east coast of Maine, Boston is positioned along the Atlantic Ocean and is also highly susceptible to the salty ocean air. Fixture durability is also important to installers and their customers during the long and freezing Northeast winters. Having a landscape lighting fixture that can withstand the snow and ice is of utmost importance to the landscape professional to keep their clients happy and complaints to a minimum. But the durability factor does not stop at the ice, it can make for an easy installation too. Abdul added, "Our technicians in the field are always happy when they know the project is CAST because they can literally use a hammer to install the path lights and not worry about breaking a fixture!"

Front walkway and yard of a house lit by CAST Landscape lighting
Photo courtesy of Belknap Landscape Company.

Lastly, we headed up north to Gilford, New Hampshire, where we met with Hayden McLaughlin of Belknap Landscape Company to ask the same questions. Here is what Hayden had to say about his experiences with CAST Landscape Lighting. "Not only is CAST Lighting the best landscape lighting fixture for the cost, but they also have the best support team," said Hayden. Like most successful service firms, Belknap Landscape understands the quality of their product or service relies greatly on their ability to support their customers' needs, when necessary, which is something we also strive for at CAST Lighting. "CAST is always there when we need assistance with a project or product," added Hayden.

Belknap Landscape Company has been in business for more than 30 years and is renowned in the Lakes Region of New Hampshire for providing superior workmanship with exceptional customer support, which are the main ingredients of value to their customers! In our experience, it is not the price but the value of a product or service that matters most to the consumer. Providing excellent value to our customers is also something we endeavor for here at CAST Lighting! This is why we were thrilled when Hayden concluded that "CAST Lighting is the best landscape lighting product line for the money!"