Brendan Pollard of BPA Lighting in London visited Florida and was so inspired by the architecture and landscape, that he decided to relocate his lighting business to Fort Lauderdale, FL. Much of Pollard’s past work was in the commercial sector, lighting churches, bridges, tunnels, and industrial landscapes. His primary focus in Florida will be on residential landscape lighting.

Explaining his shift of focus, Pollard said, “ Upon my first visit to Florida several years ago, I fell in love with the uniquely Floridian architecture – a blend of Spanish, Latin-American, and modern styles. At the same time, I was shocked at the preponderance of bad lighting. In a culture where residents spend so many nighttime hours relaxing under the stars, you would think they would want their lighting to appear natural and to better set a romantic mood.”

Pollard clarifies the types of clients he wants to serve, “ Just because I come to this country with a wealth of experience doesn’t mean that I only work with the wealthy. Every home is a castle and every business offers value; I am open to projects of any size and scope. My greatest rewards come from seeing the faces of my satisfied clients. For this reason, I keep my rates competitive for the market.”

When setting up his new business, Pollard contacted CAST Lighting because he wanted to exclusively use landscape lighting products that were rugged and durable as well as high-performing. Pollard explains, “My landscape lighting requires fixtures that will endure the harsh tropical climate as well as give me the professional tools to achieve high quality lighting designs.”