Save energy with the intelligent security network

There is no need to waste non-stop electrical energy. With the advancement in the industry, there are a lot of innovative solutions available. Above all, CAST Perimeter dry contact closure interface transformer is one of its kind. Wait, what were we talking about saving energy?

Process breakdown

Upon detection of any disturbance, usually, alarms go off. Fence alarm wires help to ring the alarm. Some time ago, burglar alarms were the only security component relied upon. However, today sensors have helped us a great deal. They detect movements and send signals to the dry contact closure transformer. CTTDR turns on the lights attached to that transformer.

Introduce innovation in your security network

CAST Perimeter (CTTDR) outdoor or indoor (CCTTDRPM) enables the CAST Perimeter Total Solution. Integrating with your security systems that automatically triggers and turn lights on or off, when an intruder is detected.

Moreover, integrated transformers with motion detectors, sensors, heat detectors, and fence alarm wires solves the problem. Certainly, sounds like a complete perimeter intrusion detection system, right?

Similarly, CTTDR / CTTDRPM also connects to upgrade your system with CAST Perimeter Flash Glare. A total solution for securing your site perimeter and driving intruders away without human intervention. There is nothing like it on the market today.


With the CAST dry contact closure transformer, you get a variety of features. Starting from adjustable timers to a rigid structure. With the stainless steel  housing and LED display for easy control. It has several benefits including:

  • The Dry Contact Closure is a simple interface to enhance your total security solution.
  • Timing Range – 0.1 second to 10 days. Single timing range or multi-range from 100ms to 10 days
  • Operating Supply Voltage – 120V/208V/European 220V/240V models and 277V available
  • Dielectric Strength – 2.5 kVAC
  • Display Type – LED: Input and Output indicators LED
  • Contact Form and Rating – DPDT (2 Form C), 15A
  • Termination Style & Contact Material – Quick connect terminal; Material: Silver Alloy.  Can accept a simple dry contact (NO) closure virtually any 3rd party system
  • Enclosure – UL 508A / NEMA Type 3R,4,12, and 13
  • 16-Gauge steel grey powder coating
  • 304 stainless steel hinges

Warranty & product sheet

Not only this, CAST Perimeter has a robust warranty policy in place for you. We understand electrical components fail at times, so we have got you covered. Moreover, we have attached the product sheet with the technical data for your review and consideration.

What else? CPL3 Lighting

CAST Perimeter Lighting has various lighting fixtures available for you. For instance, CPL3 Generation 3 series are the most sophisticated LED. Low-cost, low-voltage, and durable. Designed specially to cost just a fraction of traditional lighting products. Furthermore, CPL3 is also available in our pre-engineered ready to install kits. Buy transformers, lighting, fence alarm wire, etc. all in one place!