Deciding what kind of secure network, you are looking for is of great importance. With advancements in technology and the introduction of sophisticated security networks such as laser fence security, owners have plenty of options available.

There are two options we have available; active and passive security systems. To understand the difference between both approaches, we will explain them in detail.

Passive security

Not very long ago, passive security was the only option property owners had in the locker. To understand the concept, let's talk about a hypothetical robbery at some data center. As we know, data centers are equipped with infrastructure, holding a very significant value to the owners. Equipment can't be risked falling into the wrong hands. Nevertheless, continuing with our assumptions, intruders get inside a property and burglar alarms go off. Although the alarm will alert the responders about the breach, it has happened after the robbers have gotten into the building. Now, it's not guaranteed that there will be any harm or not.

Active security

On the other hand, active security is concerned with detecting trespassers before they get inside the premises. To achieve the results mentioned above, we need to set up a perimeter around the perimeter with adequate security components. For example, alarms, motion detection sensors, access control gates, surveillance cameras, laser fence security and perimeter lighting. The security network has to have the best quality equipment to achieve optimal results. However, during the nighttime, lighting is the most important of all.

Illicit activities are most likely to happen at night; therefore, illumination is of significant value at night. CAST Perimeter Lighting is the leading manufacturer of LED lights in the industry.

CAST Perimeter Lighting

As the innovator in the field, we have taken it upon ourselves to keep striving to improve the technology. CAST Perimeter Lighting has developed low-cost, low-voltage, and durable LED lighting. Our trademark LED is decorated with esteemed awards and accolades. Our products are reliable and last longer than other lighting products.

CAST Perimeter CPL2 Light

CPL2 is the second generation of light fixtures. It functions on low-voltage and covers approximately 40 feet area. Also, CPL2 provides illumination on both sides of the fence. It is one of our finest LED security light products because of the unbelievably low-price tag.

CPL2 properties

CPL2 is a hot selling product in the industry because of its features and low price. Since CPL2 is surge and spike protected, so you need not worry about any voltage spikes. CAST Perimeter CPL2 lights are fully capable of withstanding any short circuits.

It has a rigid structure allowing it to stay unharmed in severe weather conditions. Moreover, quality LEDs can keep your property safe without any hassle. In other words, CPL2 is the best lighting solution for effective perimeter security.


Following are the applications most suited for CPL2 lighting fixtures.

  • Electrical substations
  • Temporary fencing for construction sites
  • Airports
  • Commercial storage sites
  • Parking lots
  • College campuses
  • Industrial sites


Choose to install an active perimeter security system. Stay protected with our extremely reliable CPL2 LED lighting fixture. And remember, if it's not lit, it's not secure!