Best way to set up an effective property perimeter security

Poorly executed lighting can undermine the real purpose of illumination. Some ground rules need to be handled precisely before building a perimeter fence. Implementing an effective property perimeter security needs attention to every little detail. Any minor negligence can disrupt the network. First of all, evenly distributed illumination is very important for smooth camera imagery. Secondly, it will reduce reflections and minimize the effect of shadows hence increasing visibility for guards at night time.

For this purpose, CAST Perimeter Lighting has designed a glare-free LED fixture. CAST high-power perimeter lighting fixture is the latest development of its generation. This will make sure to leave no dark patches around the perimeter. Consequently, this will deter and scare off away intruders even before they begin with anything. Now let’s discuss some of its features.

CAST high-power perimeter light (CPL38, CPL312, CPL316 and CPL325

This product is offered in four different models. Each designated for a different amount of light that it produces and all four distribute the light over 50’ on each side of the fence for over 100’ of light. It can be attached with fence posts up to 4” in diameter. Light is layered with a thermal layer that can withstand -40 to +55 degrees Celsius. Furthermore, it functions on low voltage thus it is safe to use and saves money on electrical cost.

Another valuable feature is that it is surge and spike protected. In case of any fluctuation in voltage, this product will refrain the LED from getting damaged. As a result, it will reduce any chance of network malfunctioning to almost negligible.

There are documents attached on the product page about the warranty policy. Moreover, if you need to read about technical data you can download our product sheet from there as well.


If you are thinking about installing lights for below-mentioned applications then you are in the right place! Following are the sites where this distinguished product works best to improve security for your property perimeter security.

Airport Perimeters

Storage facilities

Military offices

Critical Infrastructure such as Power Grid, Reservoirs, Data Centres Energy Providers for power plants and substations
Commercial and Municipal Properties to illuminate long perimeters or pathways
Public Parks
Temporary Fence Providers
General contractors to secure construction sites
Aid and Relief Stations
Marinas and Ports


In short, CAST Perimeter Lighting recommends you to install the perfect lights for your property perimeter security. It is not just the external part of your security. Better lighting means better illumination and thus better imagery capture by CCTVs and adequate vision for guards to spot any disturbances that can go unnoticed under not-so-adequate lighting. With CAST high-power perimeter light, you can have all the required properties in a lighting fixture for utmost security.

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