Outdoor security lighting plays a crucial role in securing any property from intrusion. Lighting is often referred to as the first layer of defense, with the physical fence being the second layer. 

Choosing the right outdoor security lights for your perimeter can be a challenge, given the wide range of options available. With so many different types of outdoor security lights, it can be difficult to determine which ones are the best for your needs. This article covers everything you should know when choosing outdoor security lights to safeguard your facility.

Why You Need CAST Perimeter Outdoor Security Lighting

There are multiple ways in which outdoor security lights can help you:

  • They deter intruders: Outdoor security lights prevent trespassers from breaking in or engaging in illegal activities around your facility. 
  •  They offer a safe low voltage: They’re easy to install and safeguard against electrocution.
  • They’re a proactive deterrent with dusk-to-dawn operation: Outdoor security lights can provide early alerts to potential threats, allowing you to take action. For example, motion sensors can detect movement and turn on when someone enters a particular area, immediately alerting you to their presence.
  • They lower insurance costs: Installing security lights can substantially lower your business insurance premiums.
  • They increase camera image quality: Evenly distributed light allows cameras to capture better images and reduces VMS storage requirements.

Outdoor security lighting is a critical investment for anyone thinking seriously about protecting their property from threats. 

Features of the CAST Low Voltage Perimeter Outdoor Security Lighting System

CAST offers a wide range of high-quality LED outdoor perimeter security lighting solutions designed to meet the needs of any high-security environment. The following are three reasons why our customers turn to us instead of other security lighting vendors.

1. Durability

When choosing outdoor security lights, it’s important to consider durability. You want lights designed to withstand extended periods of use and exposure to various weather conditions. The durability of your lights is determined by the materials used to make them. 

Improving the durability of your outdoor security lights starts with choosing the right materials. CAST Perimeter, for instance, uses heavy-duty metal, tempered glass, and weather-resistant plastic to construct long-lasting and sturdy security lights. These materials protect against moisture and temperature extremes, ensuring the lights last longer.

2. Third-Party Integrations

Your security lights need to integrate with your monitoring and security systems. With CAST, you can combine the perimeter security light with a dry contact signal from a motion detector and camera analytics to proactively deter people from breaching your perimeter.

CAST also offers a FlashGlare option to deter intruders. When activated, the FlashGlare system emits a sudden flashing light that blinds intruders, stopping them from breaching your perimeter.

3. Simple to Use and Affordable

CAST Perimeter lighting was born from an understanding of our customers’ needs. Our expertise in the science of LED technology and optics, the physical environment, camera technology, and how the human eye interacts with light ensures we’re at the cutting edge of security lighting.

Our energy-efficient LED lights provide powerful outdoor illumination. Units are also easy to install. Customers typically reduce their material and labor costs by 50% to 80% when installing our lighting systems compared to legacy pole lights. 

Best Outdoor Security Lights for Your Business

If you’re looking for the best outdoor security lights to safeguard your property, CAST Perimeter offers a range of high-quality options to meet your lighting needs. Here are three of our best outdoor security lights to consider:

1. Perimeter (Infrared) Light

The CPL3IR Infrared Night Owl Generation 3 Series is a powerful outdoor security light that illuminates a wide area using advanced infrared technology. You can easily integrate this light with your monitoring and security systems. You just need one light every 60 feet.


When you integrate these lights with security cameras, you gain a critical advantage over intruders. You can see them while they’re unaware they’re being monitored.

2. Wall Pack Light 

The CAST Perimeter Wall Pack Light is another outdoor security lighting option. It’s a low-voltage security lighting system that’s convenient to install. You can mount these wall pack lights on a wall or posts with or without junction boxes.


CAST offers three perimeter wall pack lighting options: The CPWP1, the Gen 2 CPWP2, and the Gen 2 CPWP5. Each offering has different brightness and light distribution features. For instance, the CPWP5 is twice as bright as the CPWP2 Wall Pack series.

Finally, our wall pack lights provide glare-free lighting. That makes it easy for CCTV systems and security personnel to function efficiently, especially in the dark.

3. Ready-to-Install Fence Light Kit

CAST Lighting offers pre-engineered fence light kits. There are two kit categories you can choose from: the CPL2 or the CPL3. Each kit comes with lights, a power supply, standard tools and wire, and easy-to-follow wiring instructions.

The CPL2 kit provides 20 feet of illumination on both sides of the fence line. It’s mostly used for medium- to low-risk sites.


The CPL3 kit is one of the most advanced security lights on the market. It provides illumination up to 120 feet in every direction, and you can choose from four different levels of illumination.


The CPL3 kits can utilize the FlashGlare feature mentioned earlier. The glare-free Gen3 lighting also enhances the quality of your CCTV images. This makes it a complete outdoor security light.

In Closing

You need perimeter lighting along your fence line for security reasons. Investing in high-quality outdoor security lighting will help safeguard your premises. CAST provides a range of high-quality outdoor security lights for walls and fences.

The lights are durable and come with advanced features like glare-free and infrared lighting capabilities. Whichever CAST outdoor security light you choose, rest assured that it’ll give you peace of mind. These lights will protect your premises against intruders and other security threats.

To learn more about CAST Perimeter’s lighting options, contact our friendly team. We’ll be happy to provide you with any additional information you need.